Horrifying video of cops trying to pry baby away from mom all because she sat on the floor

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Holy mutherfucking fucksocks.

If ever someone truly needed a GoFundMe or a Kickstarter, this woman is it.



This can not be tolerated. These police must be fired and charge immediate with felony assault and kidnapping. This can not be tolerated at all. This is violent, disgusting and criminal.


I can’t believe that cops still do this shit given the proliferation of cell phones.


They could have simply written her a ticket.


didn’t need to see the video to know the mom was going to be black. This shit wouldn’t happen to a white person.




I don’t have the stomach to actually watch the video. I can only imagine how horrifying it is.

Policemen seem to have some sort of aggressive mob-psychology behavior within a small “mob”; it only takes a handful of policemen to start behaving savagely. Extremely appalling.

Is there a solution to this kind of situation?


They continue to do it because they rarely face any repercussions at all. And it’s both disgusting and disheartening.


No simple ones. Systemic racism is baked into the very foundation of present-day US society.


Sitting on the floor was not permitted

Really? That’s a statute? There is a law saying that sitting on the floor in a public building is criminal? Of course not. That’s just a policy in the building (if even that). And why not by the way. What harm comes from someone sitting down just as we have done since before we could walk? What purpose does such a rule serve other than to keep people servile to authority?
This is what you get with authoritarianism.


Desclation? Perhaps they need some training.

A friend of mine who was a lifelong Assistant District Attorney once told me that there was a problem in law enforcement where quite often, a police officer takes it personally when somebody breaks a law. This only leads to escalation. I bet that happened here.

Some years ago NPS’s, the National Parks Service’s, unoffical policy was, the least amount of enforcement to get the job done. This went with the unoffical motto of, “Protect the people from the park, the park from the people, and the people from the people.” A lot of discretion was given to law enforcement as to what to do.

Growing up, I was once escorted back to my house by a officer who kept me past curfew, to get a curfew violation. “Don’t you want to know what you kid was doing last week?”

My parents were furious that my friends and I were in handcuffs the week before at one point (and they were more pissed that I said nothing to them about it), and they were pissed that the only thing that saved us from some trumped up charge was one lone officer zooming up, a supervisor, who said, “What the hell are you doing?”.

He just couldn’t believe that we were looking at the stars and reading poetry- we were really that nerdy. And as they attempted to trap us in “lies” by asking, “who are the couples?” and then making up what my friends said, they eroded all their psychological power.

If all the guy had said was, “Hey, somebody called that a bunch of kids were up here. That person is going to keep calling unless you go.” we would have left.

Instead, they found no drugs, no alcohol, some polyhedral dice, a bird whistle, some books, and blankets. We were really that nerdy. Not until our senior year did the group dissolve as friendships became romances- but I digress.


Or you know, not even that. Sitting on the floor shouldn’t be a ticketing worthy situation.


I’d really like to know the name of the supervisors/security guards who called the cops.


They could have got her a damn chair.


The rule against sitting on the floor thing is likely a firecode/keep the exits clear thing (with some possible anti-vagrancy bias built in). Write a ticket if you are being a jerk about it.

It is not a criminal code violation.

Trying to pull a baby out of a mothers arms, just because she is sitting down and tired, with enough force to joint the baby like a chicken should get you a citizens arrest if you are lucky, and burned at a stake if things are just.

Respect mah authoritae was supposed to be a joke on Southpark, not a lifestyle suggestion for blue bruisers.


Also, nobody offered her their seat in the first place?



Nobody saw the needless escalation happening before security was called, and decided to do something simple yet decent for another human being?


Probably a fire code thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that fire code was amended around the time of the sit-in movement. An oppressive political law wrapped up in a safety ordinance to make it more palatable to the masses.


Imagine if she’d tried to do something REALLY horrific, like breastfeed.