Chinese government decrees that it is always legal to video-record the police


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So let me get this straight. The freaking commies even admit this is a good idea and we still haven’t?!

Ok right wing whack-jobs…rationalize the shit out of this. I’m waiting.


I love a good “decree”.


What are you, some kind of Commie-loving useful idiot?

'Nuff sed…


That souds like a great law. However, nitpick: the agenda of “fighting corruption” usually implies a statement of “the system is A-OK, it’s only individuals abusing it” - so it’s common on the agenda of dictators. It’s whats on the menu if you want to get voters behind you without having even to promise to change anything.




Agree, but also tightly surveilling junior officials like street cops establishes and reinforces the concept that the state apparatus is strictly heirarchical. No one has a free pass to act out contrary to standing orders or on their own unauthorized agenda, unlike other places where the principle of more or less complete political autonomy of armed elements is accepted. Like Somalia.


Except Communist governments have a long tradition of guaranteeing rights in their laws that aren’t actually protected in practice. The Chinese constitution guarantees freedom of speech, press, and assembly, as did the Soviet one. Doesn’t really protect dissidents.


What are you talking about? The US government clarified this years ago, and it doesn’t matter a bit.


that was not the point.


Just don’t record the police doing something that the government doesn’t want recorded. Then you will be sent to reform-through-labor camp for twenty years for ‘counterrevolutionary acts,’ ‘espionage,’ and ‘exposing state secrets.’ Be very careful about what you record and publicize. Then everything will be fine.


There’s no word for this but astonishing.


All the time travers from the future I meet tell me to learn “Chinese” - yet I’m studying French because I love a girl…


One party, two parties… I don’t see the big difference.


You going to visit her?


Yeah, I was aware actually. Still couldn’t resist.


What the Chinese govt said doesn’t mean how it is going to happen. It is just a word game they are playing that tries to tell the world as if they were really civilized.


I suppose that the Chinese Communist Party felt it was now safe to make this announcement, after all, they recently made crowdsourced journalism on social media verboten throughout China, e.g.:


It may be legal, but try not to rely on that argument in court.


It doesn’t work out so I ended up moving to China after all. Met a girl there that was waaaay to good for me, but with her love and kindness I learned to let go of the ways of my youth… but she dies because of me.

I only hope I can convince myself that this time it will be different while doing all I can to hold onto her memory.