Creepy video of drones in china scolding those who aren't wearing masks

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Where was this when I was raising my " I don’t like soap & water " Son?


I’m sure I’ve seen pretty much the same scene in more than one sci-fi dystopia film.

It certainly seems that China has made sure that it has more than its fair share of unevenly distributed future.


Is it ‘‘creepy’’ because it’s technology being used in a new way or is it ‘‘creepy’’ because it’s big scary China doing it? The creepiest thing about this article are the Sinophobic undertones


Being as masks are effective for, what? 30 minutes? 40 if you wanna push it? Why the fuck bother?

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I’ve been seeing pictures on Chinese Twitter of people engaging in what is basically “mask theatre”, wearing homemade jerryrigged masks crafted out of half an old bra, or half of a grapefruit rind. What with the govt arresting people who go out without masks (i.e. poor people in a situation where masks cannot be obtained for love or money) I’m not at all surprised, tbh.


Mixed messages!


Yes… I know it’s Japanese.

If this shit happened in rural America I guarantee you someone would show up with a shotgun and fix this nanny state bullshit in 5 minutes.

I’m not saying guns are wonderful but they do have their uses sometimes. I’ll come right out and say if someone did this to me and my own country I would absolutely grab a shotgun and get rid of the damn thing

Sorry that I feel this way, I really am, and I wish it weren’t so, but you better stock up on ammo b/c it won’t be too much longer.

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i think it would be creepy if they addressed the people by name, but just referring to them as “auntie” and “uncle” is kind of nice.

i’d be willing to bet that someone is trying to figure out how to make them bullet proof.

I think it’s creepy as fuck no matter which country it happens in - i’ve seen the future and it’s a fleet of drones harassing little old ladies on the street.


What are your thoughts on “Handsome” and “Beauty”?

I’m pretty sure “authoritarian robot drones issuing ominous verbal warnings to the civilian population” would be creepy in any setting.


do i at least get a dinner out of it?

And the propeller vortex helping spreading contaminated droplet…

But how long before they ban flights to the off-world colonies?

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Likely soon, if we’re talking China, and given the coronavirus; the rest of the world would effectively be off-world.


Big Brother has always used, always will, citizens’ SAFETY to justify monitering humans, supressing certain humans, and punishing at will.

This new tool is scariest one yet as it seems nightmarishly inescapable. At least with cell phones and street/hidden cams, people can xone out n pretend nothings weird.

we’ll get used to this, too, tho. Jesus, i think I’ll add a house shrine to Orwell The Prophet…until They find it…


Welcome to City 17. It’s safer here.