Backlash in China brewing against rampant face-recognition in daily life

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I’ve joked about trying to convince anti-maskers that the government is tracking those that don’t wear masks via facial recognition technology.


it’ll be interesting to see how the top levels of the party react.

It will be predictable. Take the pictures of anyone who objects, follow their every move, and make life impossible for them without having their facial image stored for recognition at all state touch points.

Fuck the Chinese CP and its paranoid scared-of-its-people leadership.


The CCP are straight up cowards of the highest order, and the proliferation of this tech there is such an obvious boiling pot of frogs it’s laughable.

An entire country, run by cowards who scan their citizens out of fear. The need to control is based out of fear, and they are more afraid than anyone else in the world.

All authoritarianism is is the rampant worship of cowards in action.


Same thing happened in the UK, which i’m sure BB reported on at the time. Police were found to be acting unlawfully.


Far from a large-scale backlash, it sounds like the reality is that several people object. The party will not do anything. They don’t need to care that a few people disagree. Their mission is not to serve the people. Besides they are too busy getting scared by their own shadow and a website for children learning to code ( China is already the most surveilled nation on Earth. Now, they are hoping to increase surveillance by an order of magnitude. Concepts like privacy and individual rights are seen as foreign and will not impede progress.

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Meanwhile, in America, people eagerly sign away the rights to their faces for a 10% discount on something that they wouldn’t have even wanted to buy if not for the discount.


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