Privacy activists spent a day on Capitol Hill scanning faces to prove that scanning faces should be banned

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They kinda remind of Devo in those getups, but good for them.


Yeah, the bunny suit screams legit.


Currently if you’re white and beardless, there’s a sort of strong probability of accuracy. If you have a beard (like me) or are not exactly caucasian in skin colour, it’s wildly inaccurate. These bozos aren’t going to ban it. Not on your nellie! They’ve got us where they want us. Maybe one day the recognition system will be accurate - somehow, I think that will be a long time coming. Till then, a few stripes of war-paint can make a big difference. Yes, there are elaborate hats with random image-projection veils and the like. Gee, I wonder how soon they will be illegal! But it doesn’t take much elaborate technology to bugger up the AIs. I have a notion that a little square of silver paper could do it. “This, officer? Oh, it must have come off my lunch…”


This sort of stunt is a bit pointless though, the legislators are at work and the expectation of privacy is a lot lower.
Following the legislators around town as they go about their day to day lives might drive home to them how invasive this is.


Given that China has made facial scans a condition of access to all sorts of govt services, I think we can expect China to lead in passing legislation to outlaw any attempts to fox the facial recognition software (which is NOT artificial intelligence!)

Watch that space.




And yet, they cringe at being recognized, especially when it comes to meetings with their lobbyists masters.


I wonder if they can whip Facial Recognition?

Now whip it
Into shape
Shape it up
Get straight
Go forward
Move ahead
Try to detect it
It’s not too late
To whip it
Whip it good


Yet again face recognition is racist. People didn’t like when it was autofocus on cameras that couldn’t see black people, but maybe now it’s not so bad that the overmind can’t track them in the streets.

Or maybe this will be used as an excuse to harass them. “Attempted to evade detection by law officers through excess pigmentation”.


Can those of us that want to support these guys get a link to donate to them?

Anyone this ballsy that annoys congress critters for a good reason deserves some of my money


No, we should be scanning the faces of everyone who meets with a politician and publishing it for everyone to see (along with their name, who they work for, and the value of any political contributions they have made).


This Teletubbies reboot is awful

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The worse scenario is even more cases of mistaken identity created by the system, with officers trained to say, “Eh, close enough.”


“Dude, when did you start wearing makeup?”
“That’s not makeup. We’re going out later, that’s my razzle dazzle camo.”

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Going to bang some heads
Going to beat some butts
Time to show those evil spuds what’s what

Put the tape on erase
Rearrange a face
We always liked Picasso anyway


Their website claims they scanned 1 member of congress, 7 journalists, 25 lobbyists, and 13707 unidentified faces. What is that, like a .2% accuracy rate?

I don’t know how successful their banning campaign will be, but I think they certainly proved that it doesn’t work for shit…

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