Report from a massive Chinese surveillance tech expo, where junk-science "emotion recognition" rules

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Reading the below tweet, I can’t help but think of the Jane’s Addiction lyric: “Everybody’s so full of shit.”

The problem with crap AI is not that it gets individuals’ intentions or expressions wrong once every 1000 or so times, but that for one in a thousand people it gets their intentions wrong all the time. The inconvenience (or oppression) is not evenly distribued.

It’s like people with a middle-eastern heritage being chosen for random TSA extra searches every damn time they fly.

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“One rep told me prisoners’ garment output increased by 10-20% at a prison factory after they installed the company’s surveillance system. They also use “smart beds” to monitor prisoners’ health”
Even in jail, they track you down…
This is scary.

Eating in the subway?
get another security check, please
Automatic face sorting people in Beijing.

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The problem is not China. The problem is unfettered corporate capitalism. China is just where it’s happening more quickly and noticeably.

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I for one welcome our new AI Based Surveillance overlords. What could possibly go wrong?

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