Chinese AI traffic cam mistook a bus ad for a human and publicly shamed the CEO it depicted for jaywalking


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Wearing a mask with the face of someone you dislike while jaywalking seems like a fun prank. If you have a special death wish, pick a mask of Pooh^h^h^h Xi Jinping.


China’s shits and giggles are of the charts.


This is how the Butlerian Jihad started.


They’ll probably just fix this system the same way twitter takes care of all its little oopses - by giving special attention to anyone rich or famous enough that being on their bad side might be an issue. Wouldn’t even be that hard to implement if you already have easy access to the net worth of everyone in the country


Can’t wait for people to cross the street with their face covered while holding signs of political figures.


Not the first time I’ve seen a public shaming without proper context. A very human mistake.


That CEO doesn’t look anything like a truck but even if she did I’d tell her she’s pretty instead of making everyone else aware of the likeness.


Wouldn’t a jaywalker be going across traffic instead of with traffic?


Well, in the street when the cross light is off would be jaywalking…


She has been riding around the city attached to the outside of a bus. Must be some laws broken doing that.


The adage “if you’ve done nothing wrong then you’ve nothing to worry about” grows (even) less true by the day…


You’re actually describing exactly how this sort of “system” will be “fixed”. The tech sector has a long standing tradition of putting on a big smile and doing exactly what they want, completely ignoring its user base(s) any real fixes that should be implemented. But! You got a ton of cash and a loud mouth? Squeaky wheel gets the grease, baby! Forget the Chinese, yo. They’re just starting the trend. This sort of shit is gonna be everywhere.


I’ve often answered the “if you’ve done nothing wrong then you’ve nothing to worry about” BS mantra with, “Good. Then you won’t have any worries about the state installing CCTV in your bedroom to monitor your lawful activities in that part of your house.”


No errors. Daisy daisy…


Masks that look like buses?


I can see growing market for printed stickers of people’s faces to be placed on every bus in the city


Facial recognition in China? How the hell does that work when they all look alike?

(Which of course “they” don’t.)


But of course everyone worries they’re doing something wrong there…