This video proves China has the most insane traffic jams on Earth


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I feel all icky.


They can’t get rid of manned toll booths fast enough. The traffic caused by the merge afterwards is truly horrific even with very few cars.


Seattle really strives to have terrible traffic but clearly we pale on the world stage.


Examine the frame at 1:54, evidence of cloning is there. Easily seen among two yellow cars and cars adjacent to the yellow cars on the far left edge of the screen. There is a pattern. Other issues are evident at this frame as well, but once any digital alterations have been found, it is safe to assume this is a false presentation in other ways.


Thats pretty interesting.

Oddly, that is the only example of that i can see in this video, it also seems to be a rare still shot and is at a noticeably lower resolution/quality than the rest of the video…

So whilst it does appear that the still at 1:54 is photoshopped, i wonder why it’s there. Because if the rest of the video is edited it was fantastically well done, so why include this low-res still frame that looks doctored?


Are those cross walks? Good for the Chinese, sticking up for the rights of the pedestrian!


Heh. I have paid for a bus to carry me two blocks, just to avoid using the crosswalk at night.


I’m pretty sure I saw this in Doctor Who. Don’t worry! The traffic jam is actually saving their lives.


I disagree. The cars near the yellow car do not adhere to any observable pattern. I think it is safe to assume traffic in China is awful.


There’s an interchange near San Diego 5N-163N where 5 lanes merge to 1 that backs up every day for hours (takes 15-20 minutes to get through the half mile of traffic). I can’t imagine ~40 lanes merging to ~5 is any kind of fun.


I can’t imagine either of those merges being designed by any engineer who understands basic arithmetic, is sober, or isn’t an evil person…


That is an absolute shitload of lanes! I tried to count and got 30 conservatively.

Does anyone know if it’s that many lanes both ways? That’s just a staggering amount of road to me.


It spreads to feed the toll-booths. It’s not that many lanes for long, I’d guess.


This will all be fixed when self driving cars arrive.


If you look closely, you can pick out a few cars that are oriented perpendicular to the actual flow of traffic. I keep trying to come up with reasonable explanations for how that happened, but I’m failing.


I’m guessing some poor sucker who thought the mass of humanity would allow them to try and escape out the side… Of course nobody’d let them through. Everyone’s gotta be somewhere, and spending 10 minutes allowing someone sweet escape only cuts into your time breathing opaque, chunky air after arriving in Beijing.


Seems like 50 easily. This reasonable-by-comparison toll gate in California has 20.,-122.3131343,208m/data=!3m1!1e3


Last time I was in China there wasn’t exactly a clear concept of lanes. This seems about right.


I count 16, but there’s the pedant in me. And I’ve counted wrong before.

Cool share, thanks.

ETA - Yeah 20, you were right. I left out the HOV lanes at the top.