Jean-Claude Van Damme does the splits. Between moving trucks





(adds a little more description)


I can’t tell if this commercial is supposed to be serious or deadpan. Either way, with that music, I’m laughing my ass off.


There was music? I’m hiding out, laptop on mute. Gotta do it again.


Enya. VanDam doing the splits between 2 trucks to the tune of Enya.

Also a quote from youtube: “Almost moved me to tears”


Had it all gone wrong, it certainly would have moved jcvd to tears. Just not the wet ones.


So who was holding his beer while he did that?


It may be hard to appreciate for those who haven’t done it, but reversing a trailer in a perfectly straight line over a long distance like that is fiendishly difficult. Turning ever so slightly (to adjust the width between the trucks) and then straightening out again is bordering on impossible. There’s aren’t many drivers who could have pulled off this stunt unassisted without dropping JCVD, and none that could have done it as smoothly.

If it sounds like I’m shilling for volvo here, it’s only because I’m seriously impressed.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s extremely impressive. It’s also extremely absurd.


Tears, rhymes with bears.


No reason that they couldn’t have filmed the trucks going forward and then reversed the film…


First of all, I’ve seen a link where it says that some stuff that was used exclusively for safety reasons was removed digitally.

“Volvo says the advertisement is the real deal and that while some safety equipment was digitally removed, no computer trickery is involved in the actual stunt, at least not on camera.”

I’ve been in that airport. It’s closed now. I live at 20 km from there. It’s one of the symbols of the crisis in Spain. (There are too many politicians here: that’s the problem). Anyway I hope that someone can find a good use for it, at least that airport is getting more and more famous thanks to TV spots and films. We need good news, and jobs. By the way, the airport is placed at the west part of La Mancha, the land of Don Quixote.

P.S.S.: In fact I’ve seen a smallholding of my uncles in that video next to the airport… believe me :smiley:


shut up shut up SHUT UP


JCVD’s face has aged well.


I love JCVD’s sharklike deadeyes. If that advert isn’t heavy CGI’d it is pretty damn impressive.


Too true. But it still means he does a split between two moving semis, which is still the impressive bit.


Can’t stop imagining what would have happened if Rutger Hauer was one of the drivers.


First, the drivers are looking in the mirrors, not ahead. Second, the wind patterns on Van Damme’s shirt indicate backwards movement. Third, never doubt JCVD!


Doubting JCVD is one notch on the Danger Level below doubting Chuck Norris. Only the foolhardy.


I think there might be ‘some’ trickery here. Just guessing, but I bet that video is in reverse and in real life it starts with the massive split and the trucks going forward and coming together and ends with the standing shot.

That would be much safer and easier to pull off then ending with the precision of the split.