The Rob Ford Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo Splits Parody video you've been waiting for


Wow, that’s some impressive video editing.


Next video edit: Inebriated, 400-pound Van Damme snorting crack off a hooker.


Actually, yes, this is everything I’ve been waiting for.

It so happens this was actually the version I saw first and… I don’t get it. I mean, I guess it’s technically impressive for a face swap, but so what?


Try thinking of it like a banana


They could have at least added some heft to the body as well. Once the camera zooms out so the shoulders are visible the impressiveness kinda breaks down.


Now add in running over a council member and it’ll be perfect!


That sounds more like a Cyriak version…

Truly a mindset to master the most epic of splits.

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I’m still stuck back at wondering how Volvo couldn’t manage to get two identical trailers for such an epic stunt.

enya’s music is readily available, and there might be enough recordings of ford’s voice to assemble an alternative narration

I want to see on this one and Mark Cuban, where the trucks make sharp outbound turns and come back at 'im.

If they were identical, people would claim that “It’s all done with mirrors”.

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They couldn’t have steered a reversing truck with a trailer that accurately, but reversing one articulated truck in a straight line was impressive enough in itself.

Jorpho, do you comment every time you don’t get something?

How incisively personal! No, sir, I have reviewed my recent posting history and do not see any particular trend deserving of being singled out.

In this case I am genuinely bemused as to how an infamously loutish mayor may be conflated with an aging action star’s stunt for a car company. The connection escapes me.

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I’m with you. I was expecting at least some voice-mashup going on, maybe Ford falling. Instead we got the exact same add with Fords face super-imposed. I don’t get the joke.

Agreed. You’re not the only one who is confused at why this is…amusing? Impressive? I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be feeling.

I apologize for the snarkiness of my comment. My reaction is coming from the fact that I saw this as a rather well done bit of absurdist humor, which one either appreciates or doesn’t. So I didn’t quite see the purpose of pointing out that one doesn’t “get it.” Of course there was little point to me responding to that as well, so… snark withdrawn.