New Rob Ford video: Laughable Fumblebuck drops a gigaton of F-bombs




They must have got his order wrong at Tim Horton’s.


… Or maybe he plays Call of Duty?


Made the mistake of checking out the 1010 comments… apparently this video is a clear setup by The Star to take Rob down.


I’m working on a theory that he is talking about the man driving the ice cream truck.


How does he keep from imploding? He’s got the staying power of SCO!


I’m just going to drop this off:


Crack’s a helluva drug. Also, this really makes me miss Chris Farley.


At some point he’s gonna need to be fitted for suspensors.


I wish Chris Farley was alive. He could do amazing things with this material.


So instead of therapy … I should have gone into politics?


Do we really need to take jabs at the man’s physical appearance, given all the stupid shit he’s said and done for us to mock?


Where are the comments? I know, it’s a newspaper site, never read the comments. But - where are they?


Somewhere in the world, a Toronto native is really regretting wasting one of the three wishes a genie gave them on “I wish Toronto would be noticed more by the rest of the world”.


Where’s my HT?


He seems to be claiming that this rant is alcohol related. Somehow, I guess alcohol-incoherence seems less problematic to him than acknowledging that this is crack-ranting. You know that you are in trouble when claiming raging alcoholism is preferable to crackhead insanity.


True. true. It’s fun to imagine the things he might be yelling about though. Maybe this is his audition for Macbeth? I think the wrestling photo up above was my favorite so far.


He can always just send out Feyd-Rautha to duel on his behalf.


Agreed. It’s cringe-worthy, especially from a purported wordsmith.


Everything is about Cory on this site. His constant shilling … can you say bumblefuck? It’s embarrassing to read this site because of his narcissism.