New Rob Ford crack-smoking video emerges, Ford takes "break" from re-election campaign


A big guy like that hitting the crack?

Thats what doctors call a self-limiting ailment. He will stop smoking crack, probably sooner than he thinks.


Kind of like bleeding. All bleeding stops eventually, whether you get treatment or not. Your mortality may vary, though.


Chris Farley tribute mayor


damn been waiting for the video how did I miss the first one.


Let’s all remember this is another human being who is struggling with issues of addiction. There’s a lot of “yes, but!” there, but rehab is the best course for him and if he is finally telling the truth this time, maybe we could take a gentle tone, as you would to a shy horse. A shy crack addicted horse.


The guy is a buffoon and a joke, but clearly he still functions even though he is a (seemingly) fairly frequent and long term user of crack.

The danger seems overstated.


Please, take him to be your mayor then. Or even just a house guest for a month. Come back in 30 days, report your findings.


According to the Toronto Star editor Michael Cook (Twitter and CP24) there is a sex tape involving “party girls”, a fight between the mayor and Justin Bieber… all part of a larger story currently being worked on by Kevin Donovan.



“a video… being offered for sale by a drug-dealer for seven figures”

Who would pay seven six figures for that video? Surely at this point it’s not containing anything that’s even vaguely surprising?

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I actually think this is fucking scummy, because I believe he should be able to smoke crack if he wants to provided it doesn’t interfere with him doing his job. The guy who shot it only did so because of the potential monetary value. There’s no journalistic value in this, since it’s already been confirmed by the Canadian police that the first video exists and is real.

IRT him being another human being who should be treated with compassion: FUCK. THAT. His behaviour has shown that he doesn’t give a shit who he steps on in order to achieve his goals, especially when it came to the journalists who broke the original story about the video of him smoking crack. He tried for months to discredit them and called them any number of awful things.

I like people being able to make their own choices re drugs but I also believe in the absolute importance of journalism. Smearing journalists with lies and abuse when all they did was report fact is inexcusable.


You elected him. There is a good chance you will elect him again.

Look, I’m not defending anything about him policy or personality-wise, but it’s pretty clear that being a crack addict hasn’t had a big effect on his productivity or will cause him to die sooner than being a large alcoholic will. He hasn’t been worse in office than plenty of non-crack addicts. Ford is the counter-example to the Nancy Reagan/DARE idea that one puff will turn you into a homeless bum offering blowjobs for just one more sweet sweet rock.


Ford is the counter-example to the Nancy Reagan/DARE idea that one puff will turn you into a homeless bum offering blowjobs for just one more sweet sweet rock.

Do you know for sure it hasn’t?


It’s glaryling obvious that smoking crack is hurting his judgement. Perhaps next time, he should consider not smoking crack ON CAMERA? Additionally, perhaps as mayor, he should perhaps consider not smoking crack at all? There are certain things that just are not going to be “fine” no matter what you fucking do. Smoking crack is one of those things. Maybe if he worked at Wendy’s flipping burgers, but he doesn’t: He’s the mayor. Mayors should not be smoking crack. Period. And they certainly shouldn’t be so fucking stupid as to get caught on camera smoking crack! I think once that happened, we could safely and confidently say that smoking crack has greatly affected his ability to lead.

And as someone who has been around plenty of drug addicts, and then some (including very close family members with problems with meth), this isn’t how a guy who wants empathy acts. He doesn’t give a shit. He doesn’t want your sympathy or empathy… He’s a narcissistic, abusive piece of shit who also happens to be a dumb ass crack head.

I have sympathy for the people who have to deal with his crap on a day to day basis, and the people whom he is supposed to be leading, but all I can do is roll my eyes at this guy. He’s scum, and it’s not the drugs that made him that way.


It gets worse, various articles have also mentioned alcohol rehab. That’s a combo that really doesn’t bode well for even short term survival, much less long term.

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It may be hurting his judgement but is it affecting his ability to do his job? The beauty of him holding public office is that his constituents can boot him out based on his behaviour if they so choose. My point is that he’s probably had a crack habit for longer than we’ve known about, yet he managed to become the freakin’ mayor and presumably over people who weren’t smoking crack.

The linked article makes clear that this video was shot sneakily without his knowledge and since only some journos and cops have seen the first video we have no idea if it was the same in that case. You are right that he should be a bit more sensible about where he’s smoking crack (the basement of a drug dealer’s sister is probably not a good location) but I don’t accept the premise that use of certain substances is for all people in all situations detrimental. Case in point: Aaron Sorkin.

Meth is awful shit and I am sorry to hear that it affects your family but even that can be and is regularly consumed by high functioning users who keep their shit together. It’s just an anecdote but someone I know uses meth and also happens to make more money in finance than anyone else I grew up with. No rule is a rule.

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He could go to be painting buddies with George Bush

He really doesn’t function much though. He gets by because his parents are rich, and it’s all but impossible to kick out a mayor once elected.


This week Canada has brought us two massively bloated beached whales on the edge of explosion.


I honestly, truly, can’t respond to any of this with anything other than astonishment. Are you kidding me? Of course it’s affecting his ability to do his job.

And sorry, dude, but you can’t really be a crack head “responsibly”. Crack isn’t a drug that works that way. Maaaaybe if he’d got caught once, only once, but no. This isn’t just once. There’s another video. Surprise! Except no one is surprised.

And his behavior in general has been pretty fucking atrocious. Up to and including beating women, which doesn’t seems to be even a minor blip on your radar.

Why are you defending this creep as if his shitty, abusive, fucked up behavior hasn’t been publicly displayed for months now?!

Sometimes being the devil’s advocate is not required or wise.


Re doing his job: He. Got. Elected. Why did all the non-crack-smoking candidates lose to a crack-smoking candidate? Doesn’t make a strong case for sobriety, that’s for sure.

Crack isn’t a drug that works that way. Maaaaybe if he’d got caught once, only once, but no.

Being a high functioning user has nothing to do with getting caught or not. Of course you can’t be a “crack head” responsibly since that term indicates a person who does nothing but seek to soothe their addiction, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. He’s doing crack at 1am Saturday night… if there’s any time that’s an appropriate time to be getting high, saturday night is a pretty good time.

Up to and including beating women, which doesn’t seems to be even a minor blip on your radar.

Excuse me? This is a post about a new video of him using crack… did I miss the parts of it that refer to his otherwise abusive behaviour? I also don’t see where I’m defending any of that behaviour - in fact I specifically call out his shitty behaviour in the second two paragraphs of my original comment.

Why are you defending this creep

I’m not defending him against anything but the topic of this post which was: drug dealer secretly films mayor doing drugs in his own sister’s basement (sorry I misread this as the dealer’s sister originally) then offers to sell the footage for a massive figure. Chances are he bought the crack off the very guy filming him. That’s just a fucking dog move, irrespective of who is being filmed.

Attack a person for their real misgivings. I don’t see drug use in all situations to be a misgiving, which is why I took issue with that aspect of this post. I’m not being the devil’s advocate but reinforcing a libertarian view of drugs that I have consistently taken for years and repeatedly made here.