Rob Ford: "Yes, I have smoked crack"


“I do not use drugs.”

You keep using this phrase. I do not think it means what you think it means.


He should join Charles Kennedy in obscurity.

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When is the next election in Toronto anyway? Having voted today to kick the Cooch out of Virginia I’m wondering how long Torontoans have to wait to do the same to Ford?


The next mayoral election is October 27, 2014, but I hope there’s a process to make it happen much sooner!


He says that he smoked crack, but how can we trust him? How do we know it wasn’t meth, weed, or worse–tobacco? This sounds like typical politics. He’s just using this move to try to win votes from crack smoking citizens.


All I can do is apologize and move on

Actually, there’s another option open to you: resign. What you’re really saying is that what you CHOOSE to do is “apologize” and assume everyone will be ok with it.


Can’t he just go to rehab and be absolved of all of his sins? Does that not work in Canada?

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After all the scandals he’s been involved in he’s a downright EXPERT in apologizing and moving on now. Unfortunately “moving on” in his case usually means “moving on to an even worse scandal.”


"I do not use drugs except when I do (use drugs).


Should be interesting to see how his ‘ratings’ are after this admission - he still fully expects to stay in. I have a pet theory that Mr. Fnord represents a mutation within politics, one a long time coming, and originally ushered in by Ronald Regan; that highly visible elected postions have essentially become The Truman Show - the accurssed reality T.V. show phenomenon virally colonizing in reverse - such that the point is not how meritorious or competant the individual is, but rather, how entertaining they are to a largely disenfranchised electorate.


In Canada he probably wouldn’t have to get born again, either.

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Yes, I’ve smoked crack. Yes, I drink until I’m in such a stupor that I’ll do anything with anyone or let them do anything to me. Yes, I’ve done other drugs, although frankly I’m not sure if I was so drunk that I got high or so high I got drunk, it really does blur together after a while. Yes, I’ve blown goats. (Better that than the other way around, trust me on this.) Yes, my family has been involved in drug dealing for ages. Yes, I regularly break the law in numerous petty and not-so-petty ways. Yes, I’m a huge embarrassment to the city. Yes, I’m a will-never-grow-up spoiled rich boy. Yes, I don’t really care because my poll numbers are great. Yes, I have no intention of stopping what I do because, fuck it, why should I stop myself when no one else will?


That would look to be very good news for his mother, eh?


Did he inhale?

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How does it work in Canada with resigning from politics? Does he have to be appointed to an office of profit under the Crown?

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I don’t get how being in a “drunken stupor” is supposed to be better than doing (illegal) drugs.


Rehab? I think he’s been listening to a little too much Amy Winehouse on that front.


As long as he’s not a junkie, I don’t see how it matters that he smoked crack. American Presidents get to do it, why not Rob Ford?

This video is a distraction - there are plenty of reasons to dislike Rob Ford, but everyone is hooking onto this video because it’s just so juicy.

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Was it Taft that smoked crack? I always forget.