Toronto council turns their back to Rob Ford every time he speaks


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In before that guy who only ever posts to complain about “Laughable Bumblefuck.”


Uh… Why hasn’t he been charged with a crime yet?


I don’t understand this at all. He confessed to committing a crime. No doubt what little hair follicles he has left would reveal evidence of the crime. Is there no attorney general to bring up charges?


The sad thing is, I can totally see the Republicans in the United States Congress looking at this and thinking “we should do that for Obama!”

I do hope they play the official “turning my back on you” theme music:


i wonder if they think this will be effective?

Maybe that’s what they’re waiting for, and the attorney general is in the process of compiling a case. But it seems like Ford’s taking the very narrow legalistic approach that says that confessing to a crime and actually being convicted of a crime are two different things. He can confess, but until a jury finds him guilty as charged he’s going to keep a stranglehold on his job.

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Seems like a Jury Trial would take longer than his current term anyway, so he’ll probably be ousted by the voters before the system gets him.

Unless Toronto voters are like DC voters and think Crack smoking is a charming affectation and vote the guy back in. That said, Marion Barry was set up, whereas Rob Ford is gloriously living the crack cocaine lifestyle.

I’m imagining him going “Fuck you all, I’m not resigning, I’m going to go back to my taxpayer funded mansion and smoke crack all day!”

Does somebody at least peek to make sure that he is not lighting up while nobody is watching?

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You must have missed the time, shortly after the initial Gawker crack video kerfuffle when Rob Ford showed up one day with a completely shaved head = voila ! hair drug test evidence gone !

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Either that or someone told him that his hair would contain crack residue and he said “You mean I can smoke my hair and get high?!? Get my razor!”


What crime are you referring to specifically?
Though I’m sure he’s committed plenty, smoking crack is not a crime in Canada.

Oh well, there’s that. Missed it.


I think in most places what they actually bust you for is possession. Although it’s hard to consume a drug without having possessed it.

Here’s a link

The most important federal statute dealing with illicit drugs is the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), which was proclaimed into force in May of 1997. There are six common offences under it: possession, trafficking, cultivation, importing or exporting and "prescription shopping" (obtaining multiple prescriptions by visiting several doctors)

I think that US laws are similar. In theory, the only time you would get into legal trouble for failing a drug test is if you’re already on probation


goddamnit. I screwed up the hyperlink, and for some reason it won’t save my edit.

correct link is

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Drunk Driving is illegal in Canada IIRC. Unfortunately they don’t have the BAC tests to prove it so this would be hard to pin on him, even if he did admit to downing a whole bottle of Vodka before speeding off.

Very true, and he’ll be busted on something sooner or later.

If the man was smart he’d just resign and fade into obscurity.
He’s a walking, talking, crack smoking example of the Streisand effect.

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the thing is, we get it - we get it. repeating it incessantly won’t make it funny, and it’s clearly not catching on as the latest hilarious meme, if that’s what cory’s going for.