Toronto council turns their back to Rob Ford every time he speaks

so, city council deals with rob ford by shunning him? what are they, mennonites?


Maybe purchasing illegal drugs? Didn’t he admit to purchasing them?

If this doesn’t work they’ll have to escalate to putting their fingers in their ears and yelling “La-la-la! Not listening!”


If there is even the remotest similarity to US politics then half of these people turning their backs knew all about his horseshit before it blew up in the public. They are just rats fleeing a sinking ship.

So the Toronto City Council has followed the example of the Klingon Empire and discommendated Ford? Qa’pla!

Also, WRT arresting Ford for smoking crack, IANACL, but part of any sort of indictment for any crime AFAIK is having a time and place in which it occurred, and also AFAIK, Ford has admitted to neither. Unless it’s obvious on the tape, they may simply not be able to indict him.

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It’s a statement, not action yet. Anyway, it’s a start.

It’s your prerogative to not find it amusing, of course. I’m not sure why everyone assumes that Cory is desperately trying to make it a Thing, though. I mean, he’s already an influential writer and journalist, not some recognition-starved channer. Seems to me it’s just a running gag that he finds amusing.

Edit: It’s probably obvious, but you’re not That Guy. There’s at least two commenters whose only Boing Boing posts are about that particular gag, and I found that amusing.

Just came here to mention that the reporter’s name cited is Robyn Doolittle, not Robin. I appreciate her work in this saga thus far and thought we should get it right. :slight_smile:

I don’t really care about what petty crimes Rob Ford may or may have not committed. If I could, I’d consider voting for Svend Robinson.

What I do care about is the consistent display of poor judgement, no matter which side of the law it might manifest itself. Poor impulse control, narcissism, a belief that aggressiveness and determination alone are sufficient qualifications for political power, a need for chemical assistance - if these don’t affect legislative competence, what does?

I don’t think the Toronto Council is doing this in order to achieve anything. I think they’re just disgusted to the point where they just have to express it. We can sit and chuckle at Laughable Bumblefuck (and I’ve made more than a few Rob Ford jokes), but these people have to sit down and do their jobs with this clown.

If you had to work with a guy like that, and there was no way to get him disciplined, and his reaction to any admonition was a display of defiance, it wouldn’t be very funny for long.

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