Toronto cops confirm video of Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack and making racist remarks




This is my face right now.




Nice chair? Check.
Popcorn? Check.

Good sailing ahead!


Is there a Canadian/US twin-city-border-town like Mexicali/Calexico? If so, perhaps there will one day be a Ford/Barry international unity party that rules them.


Man, even Canadian gangs are nice. They let in this fat old white cracker and partied with him just like he was a brother.


Get off my property! Sounds like Fuzzy Lumpkins.


Doughy Bumpkins.


Halloween is already my favourite day of the year. Who knew it could get any better?


“Laughable Bumblefuck” would look good on just about any politician’s CV.


His appearance belies the fact, but he’s only 44 years old.


“Man, even Canadian gangs are nice.”

Well… no. One of the guys in the video is dead now. Murdered. Another was charged with the murder and the third was charged for drugs.

The video seller Siad was stabbed in custody. Offered to turn the video over to the police back in August.


There are quite a few border towns, but not many border cities really. Windsor-Detroit is probably the biggest, but I can’t see Ford being elected in Windsor. Sault Ste. Marie and Niagara Falls are the only border cities I can think of where the name of the city is the same on both sides of the border, though I’m sure there are more elsewhere. And in Ontario at least, municipal elections don’t involve political parties. Well, not in any official way at least. Ford is obviously Conservative and the mayor of London, Ontario used to be a Liberal MP. He’s been in court recently over fraud charges.


Anybody still remember Marion Berry?


His presser consisted of 90 words. Basically; I’m not resigning, I can’t say anything because it’s before the courts, and I’m going to get back to running a great government and saving money - kthxbi
Then he ran back into his office.


I’m sure “ran” is a relative term in his case.


What? That settles it. Crack just lost me as a customer.


If you need a replacement, Toronto, you can have Boris Johnson, Lord Mayor of London.


Canada has a London. Its mayor is facing criminal charges for fraud.


Well, here’s hoping.