Rob Ford gives staff $5,000 taxpayer dollars each to stay on


I’d do it for my 30 Shekels, and I’m sure the right thinking people of Rob Ford’s office will do likewise, and are not jumping ship onto a viable candidate / career plan B right now.

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Swift-footed, many-minded, defender of his people, even winedark, are all taken, alas.

But it’s worth noting that Homer uses the epithet loose-tongued for Thersites, his hate-spewing, nasty, mean-old-so-and-so Greek warrior, who’s a figure of fun and opprobrium in the Iliad, and who seems a rough analogue for Hizzoner Ford, who certainly talks a lot, and whose tongue is the subject of many a news report. I think we have a match!


You have to give credit to the mayor. He was elected to stop the gravy train. The problem is that he stopped it right outside of city hall.


To be fair to his staff, (presumably) they aren’t the ones using the perks of being mayor to indulge their habit of smoking crack and discussing oral sex. I wonder what happens to those people in that situation - presumably the city of Toronto ought to reassign them or offer them $10K each to leave the Ford camp…

Canadian reality TV is much better than the stuff we get in the US. The showrunners must be geniuses. I can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s episode.


I’m imagining Ford is pissed that attention has shifted in his direction. I am sure it was much easier to pull this kind of thing before.

Sounds like the voters are getting exactly what they deserve. At the end of the day, he was elected.

And that would be justice, if “the voters” were a single bloc-voting hivemind.


And frankly this all proves that my feeling that “Democracy” is a crock of shit is at least a possibly valid standpoint.

In 1998, the Conservative provincial government forcibly amalgamated the relatively progressive city of Toronto with its more conservative suburban neighbors to create a single mega-municipality. A majority of Toronto residents opposed the decision, as did a majority of suburbanites. Those same suburbanites outnumber the city-dwellers and therefore they can decide the mayoral election if the conservative vote is not split.

So no, the city of Toronto did not elect Rob Ford. The municipality of Toronto did. And that a really important distinction to make in this regard.

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the electoral map looks something like this:


As a Canadian, I follow American politics much more closely than Canadian politics for two reasons:
(1) I like to understand the policies most likely to affect my daily life, and
(2) American politics is just more trainwrecky interesting.

I may have to rethink (2).

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And in some parts of Canada you may have to rethink it in en français.

A mayor who loved crack and blow
Didn’t care about those in the know.
He said, “I’m expected
To be reelected
As long as I keep taxes low.”


Can just imagine the what the staff are / have been going through. In their personal lives, and as far as resume goes… I don’t think 5k covers having to answer future interview questions about your tenure as a Rob Ford administration employee.

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If your boss is wildly breaking the law, and your in government business, it’s the work of one individual to film or tape him and give it to the police. Could’ve been done years ago. Ford hasn’t exactly been subtle in his excesses. Or, you just resign in mass, to show you’re not a crook like he is. You stick around, you’re a crony.

He sure seemed to be getting a lot of love at the Eastern Final yesterday.

Oskee Wee Wee!!

He was elected at the beginning of the day, by noon he was drunk and by 10:30 he was smoking crack. It’s now last call for mayor bumblefuck.