Rob Ford's mayoral career considered as a reality TV show - straining suspension of disbelief


Despite the complaints, ridicule and outrage, the world is a slightly funnier place because of Rob Ford.

Well I know the winning platform of the future will probably be adding a means of impeachment.

I could say the same thing about Boris Johnson and Lembit Öpik but I doesn’t mean I want either of them in a position of power.

Also, Nigel Farage’s appearances on Have I got New for You. Yes, he can laugh at himself, but his politics are still shit.

(No Labour party examples given because I can’t think of one)

Unfortunately that’s outside of the power of the city to do. There is, however, a ranked ballot initiative, which might otherwise be titled the, “Never elect Rob Ford again” initiative, because his hope to win is to run up the middle between two or more “best” alternatives, which wouldn’t work if people picked a second or third choice.

All that being said, it’s very easy to think of Rob Ford as the worst mayor ever, but during his tenure as mayor how many mayors of Montreal have been arrested for corruption? Mayors take huge bribes from organized crime to illegally award construction contracts that cost cities millions or tens of millions. Rob Ford’s criminal contacts are not large or organized enough to help him fudge numbers nearly that large.

I’m not convinced that Toronto is a worse place for having elected him over his closest contender in the last election (George Smitherman, nicknamed “Furious George” for his temper tantrums and bullying while a provincial minister). Rob Ford had one year to mess things up and then he was sidelined by council. I kind of like council running things and ignoring the mayor. It’s, you know, democracy. My worry is that Ford will be re-elected and council will make the mistake of thinking that he now has a “mandate” and they have to listen to him. If he god re-elected and council went right back to the business of ignoring him, it would probably be fine.

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Much of it strains belief, but unfortunately voting against naming a street after Mandela is all too believable. Conservative loons have long believed and said that the man was a terrorist (particularly in the US, but doubtless elsewhere as well).

I have recently come to the conclusion that not only are we definitely living in a simulation, but that the simulation itself is rather shoddy.

Maggie famously said that when she was Prime Minister.

In Rob Ford’s case, I don’t think he’s that deep a thinker. He had some very nice things to say about Mandela after his death.

Instead, that vote is almost certainly one of two scenarios:

  1. Not paying attention, realizes there’s a vote, votes no reflexively


  1. Everyone is voting yes, vote no for spite

Those are both way more consistent with Ford than actually caring about Mandela enough to dislike him.

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He really is, like, chaotic neutral isn’t he?


I like the pic for this topic: it’s somewhat "Rob Ford as Max Headroom"y…

I think his whole term to date has been a scripted reality show already, to gauge the tolerance of the viewers.
It really is too ludicrous to be real, surely.

I doubt very much that the The Trailer Park Boys would campaign for Rob Ford.

In Halifax, they’ve been known to go door to door campaigning for local NDP candidates. In character even.

/yeah, that would be cool to have them show up at your door.

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The whole Trailer Park Boys thing was misleading. A star story that said Rob Ford added a “Trailer Park Boys actor” to his team was repeated elsewhere saying that one of the Trailer Park Boys joined his team. But that makes it sound like it was Julian, Ricky or Bubbles. Instead, it was Sam Lasco.

…do you mean “That hot dog-eating caveman Sam Losco”?

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I need to watch more of that show.

I’ve said it before & will say it again – Every time you make fun of Rob Ford (however much he deserves it), Stephen Harper goes to sleep with a shiteating grin on his face.

Fight the Real Enemy!

Or Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy”.

My first thought was that he rather looks like Frank Miller’s version of Lex Luthor

…although that would suggest that he is exceedingly competent.

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