Here's the banned video of late Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack


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The only problem I have with this being released now, is that it’s being released now instead of when this piece of shit was alive and serving as mayor.

He was a gung-ho drug warrior, when he wasn’t on a bender. There’s a good amount of evidence implicating him in blackmail, and possibly even murder. He was never even questioned by the police AFAIK, let alone charged. Meanwhile, he loudly called for locking up poor and/or brown people who spent their nights (and probably a good many days) exactly as he did.

Sadly, I don’t think this will convince anyone who needs convincing that there is no positive Ford legacy to be honoured, celebrated or protected. His followers are just as delusional as Trump’s.


How is this not tagged “Laughable Bumblefuck”?


Because calling dead people names isn’t particularly productive?


This piece makes me a bit uncomfortable as he was clearly a serious addict and probably had some other mental issues as well. As much as I didn’t want to see him on the political scene, I think we should respect his private sphere, especially one so troubled.

His voters on the other hand, oooh boy.


Ford was a good deal like Trump, wasn’t he?


I honestly think that comparison does a serious disservice to Rob Ford.

As much as I disagreed with the man, he was always willing to talk to his constituents, he actually walked the walk when it came to fiscal responsibility, he didn’t run his family business into the ground, and before he was elected mayor, he had a record both as someone who put time and money into his community, and at a lower level within municipal politics (as a councillor).

That said, the man’s political views were antithetical to mine, his homophobia was abhorrent, and his substance abuse problems made him unfit for office.

He wasn’t the best mayor, but he was no Donald Trump.


The current political shitshow makes me miss the good ol’ days of Laughable Bumblefuck. It was so much easier to laugh when it wasn’t happening to you.


Rob Ford? Isn’t he dead?


That’s still funny, sweetie.


Hugs and kisses then.


Once again money insulates the privileged from any pretense of justice


He was a terrible mayor and an awful human being, but he’s no Donald Trump


Without comment…

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… wait, Rob Ford is dead?


Apparently not. He’s just focusing on his UK job, using the name Eric Pickles.


No worries. Wait, Rob Ford’s dead?


This thread is becoming an ouROBoros.

That, or it’s Rob Fords all the way down.


How would a publication ban stop it from being sent to someone in the US who would then publish it?


Wait, is Rob Ford dead?