Rob Ford's crack dance




What happened in the bit where it looks like someone slugged him in the face?


At the very beginning and repeated a couple times later on? That’s when he ran into a camera.


Honest question: is Rob Ford paying Boing Boing to publicise his activities and buy him votes?


He should do a duet with the Revolting Cocks.


If this were all a publicity stunt, we should all be voting for him anyway, because he’d be an absolute genius.

But somehow I don’t think that’s the case, and BoingBoing is posting about him because he’s a fascinating mix of terrifying and hilarious.


An aide of Ford said yesterday that the mayor is going to take some time off.
Time off to do what?
Why, to get shitfaced and smoke some more crack, that’s what for!
Which will only make him even more popular with the suburban knuckle draggers of Toronto, I guess.


When a guy like this wins the election, you’ve got wonder what the runners up were like.


Yeah, let’s all make fun of the addict.


We’re not making fun of the addict. We’re making fun of the asshat.


Noooo, Cory! You must stop saying ‘Laughable Bumblefuck’! It makes lots (apparently) of people sad!!!
(oops. I said ‘Laughable Bumblefuck’ there, didn’t I? Sorry, sad people!)


Oh, has he admitted now that not only has he used coke and alcohol, he’s also addicted to one or both?

Source please!


Pfft. It’s funny that you signed up to concern troll. Nicely done.


Your attempt to defend Rob Ford by objecting to Cory’s (accurate) description of him is duly noted.


As has your attempt to correctly parse the above sentence :wink:
(edit: I believe you may have posted this to the wrong comment after a second glance. Peace, love and Hail Satan, Comrade)



ooo, thank you. IR savin that for subsequent re-use.


I have gone from chuckling about that wacky mayor, through chuckling in shock and now all the way to being appalled and just pitying the man.

I hope he gets the help he needs. That much rage, and that kind of lifestyle - I don’t think he’ll be around ten years from now. He needs help. I don’t think anyone should be jailed or even charged for drug use, but I do think an inability to control one’s addictions is a sign that you should not be in public office. (If he has been involved in other crimes then he should be charged with those).

He also needs to resign and let the city carry on with life. His all-too-public pain needs to become private pain again, and not be spread across the front pages.


Rob Ford is a person with no compassion for anyone but his personal friends. He has repeatedly as Mayor proven himself to be sexist, racist and classist. His policies have hurt innumerable people and he has literally laughed about it and said it was their own fault.

Those are just his official actions. We do not know all of his unofficial actions, like using thug enforcers to threaten and intimidate people at a minimum.

He long ago forfeited the consideration we offer people when he chose to treat others the way he has, laughing and threatening all the way.


I will admit, I’ve met more appealling crackheads (hell, I’ve been a more appealing crackhead).