Bumblefuck to take leave

Ford’s lawyer says Mayor taking leave of abscence: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/rob-ford-taking-leave-of-absence-lawyer-says-1.2627832
More to come indeed

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"According to a report in the Toronto Sun, Ford is stepping away from his re-election campaign, but will keep his name on the ballot. The newspaper says it has obtained a new and “raunchy” audio recording of Ford “ranting and swearing” in a bar in a Toronto-area bar. "

And, the Sun itself: http://www.torontosun.com/2014/04/30/mayor-rob-ford-ready-to-take-a-break

I’m cool with that. Not like he ever gave a damn about breaking an egg or two…

What if he went on to become a “laudable bumblefuck”?


Oh, man, that’d be a sweet gig. Can you still smoke crack, though?

I do have compassion for the man, it must really suck to have chosen to carry on in such a way, and in such a public position, where so many uncouth people might notice you are badly mismanaging the 5th largest city in North America.

How very rude of anyone to say crass things about such a private individual and his private struggles with not compulsively smoking crack on camera while mayor of the 5th largest city in North America.

So, instead, lets just say… lucky him, he is still alive to live it down.

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