Did the mayor of Toronto pay utility bills for a crack house? (maybe)


Damn it, Rob! What kind of self-respecting crack house has utilities that haven’t been disconnected and scavenged for their copper by looters?

Do you think that you are Just Too Good for the crackhouses of the common man?


What I found more than a little surprising was the fact that a journalist on NPR’s Morning Edition this morning seemed very dismissive of previous Ford scandals. I can’t get the recording to play now so I can’t quote from it exactly, but he implied that Ford is really a decent legislator who’s just had a few problems adjusting to running a big city. His focus was on Ford as a “hands-on” kind of guy, at one point comparing Ford’s governing style to Bloomberg going to one of New York’s boroughs to help resolve a fence dispute between neighbors.

A quick search would reveal there’s much more to the mayor. Too bad NPR couldn’t be bothered to do some research.

If the reporter used a comparison to Bloomberg as a not-overtly-negative, that might suggest something about his standards in municipal regimes and/or near-total myopia. (Especially given that Bloomberg’s approach to ‘hands on’ is “dystopian surveillance state centered on the city and radiating outward because hey, who cares where my police department’s jurisdiction ends?”)

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Rob Ford : ‘Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine.’

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