On the death of Rob Ford


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Links to Posts on the Death of Rob Ford

My word, he’s dead?


I think I read about it somewhere. Seemed to be all over the blogs.


I disagree. Knowing what any other Torontonian knows about the Fords, they got exactly the person they deserved. In fact, they helped make him what he was.


Cancer is a horrible way to go, and it’s too bad this guy lost to it. He shoulda O.D’d a long time ago instead.


If you are talking about his father and siblings, especially Doug Ford, yes. I think Cory was referring to his wife and young children.


What’s the opposite of patron saint? Because I think we should fast-track the canonisation process and make him ours.


So, what exactly did this guy do that makes it okay to dance on the grave of a guy that died of Cancer? Oh yeah, he had substance abuse problems. Stay classy BoingBoing.


I think it was more about being an awful mayor. But de mortuis nihil nisi bonum.


Substance abuse may have fueled some of his antics that drew global media coverage but his actions and speech as an elected official were repeatedly terrible and worthy of scorn. Donald Trump doesn’t drink but is terrible in ways similar to Rob Ford.


Rob Ford’s record slurs for itself.


Would you say you are disappointed at BoingBoing?



That’s cannonisation, you insensitive clod. :stuck_out_tongue:


What @extra88 said. Dude basically provided the prototype for Trump.


At least his kids can afford years of therapy.

A shame he was able to do so much damage to so many people in his life!


He was a relentlessly negative force that made Toronto a worse place in more ways than I care to rehash here. I don’t know where you live, but if you have been following the news from Toronto over the past few years, you should know that. I don’t wish cancer on anyone, not even Rob Ford, but in the context of Toronto he was the malignancy.


Probably a relief for the wife, maybe the kids too if his violence extended to them.


Much more about being an awful human being, but yes his mayoralty was bad on an epic scale


Here’s a pretty good article on Ford.