Toronto Mayor Rob Ford curses in a jafaican accent when he's loaded




I don’t know, that might be a Jabba the Hutt accent…


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a thread winner in 1!


Sometimes a dark little voice in the back my head asks why this man is still tolerated to live, much less act as an elected official. I know I shouldn’t think like that, but after a while you just get so tired of this bullshit.


Is he in an Arby’s? The giant soda machine behind him is all I can watch.


TIL that Rob Ford is still alive.

Who knew?


Ho, ho, ho, so funny. Also probably going to win re-election. Suckers.


I wonder who plays the Salacious Crumb to Ford’s Jabba? I probably don’t want to know, of course.


Thanks to the Internets we know he was at Steak Queen on Rexdale.


Part of me kinda finds the idea of a Mayor drunk off his ass in a fast food joint at 3am awesome. If it wasn’t for all the other bullshit I would probably admire him for this.


Because he is the Everyman no one wants to own up to really being: middle-age, overweight, denial of obvious substance abuse issues and despite lack of intellectual heft, never wrong. He is the mirror image of what people are but just do not have the courage to admit.


Hasn’t he been depowered? Making him not so much a Mayor as a “Mayor” ?


I thought that he was working on his re-election campaign.


He’s always been a “Mayor.” That merely made it official.


As much as I despise Rob Ford I’m not sure I agree with the racist implication:

“Ford, a luminously white and privileged man who was born into millions in a quiet suburb of Toronto, affects an embarrassing West Indian accent as he thunders to a captive audience at a west-end steak joint.”

He’s known to hang out with Somali’s from the whole crack thing and supposedly he has some Jamaican friends as well, this is backed up by the fact he’s supposedly using the Jamaican words properly and in context (to the extent that he’s understandable).

If he’s doing his impression of a Jamaican to an audience of Jamaican friends and they’re cool with it there’s nothing racist about it.

The fact he’s drunk again on the other hand is just another indication he shouldn’t be mayor.


Maybe it’s because so much of my family has substance abuse problems, but I just don’t hate this guy. Sure he’s a mess… But I mean with the level of absolute evil in this world I feel very indifferent to his mess.


How many of your family members literally hold the lives of thousands of people in their hands? This isn’t a man with substance abuse problems; this is a man who bald-facedly lies about these substance abuse problems and acts as though if he ignored them long enough they’d just go away. He then uses the same approach to major crises the city faces, refusing to declare a state of emergency despite people dying from the cold and CO poisoning.


How many people’s lives does it take to matter? Isn’t one or two enough?


The “I was AGAIN in a drunken stupor” seems more an analogy for being cranked up on chemicals. Crack-heads think anything they say is ligit through, “Too think it makes it so.”

Worst Mayor of Toronto Ever.


Sorry, people died in Toronto due too the ice storm? Could you source that as it is news to me.

I’m not against your statements I just never heard of people dying due too cold or poisoning gas.