Toronto Mayor Rob Ford demands removal of Pride flag from City Hall




The more I hear about Ford the more I am reminded of a very famous character … the Sheriff of Nottingham.

His totally blind adherence to the self-centred concept that his word is law and that he can do any damned thing he wants without regard to anything the public might have to say.


Leave Rob Ford Alone…


Rob’s no sucker, he’s hoping Putin will slip him some of that North Korean good-good in exchange :thumbsup:


I wonder if he thinks a dog-whistle for the city’s bigots will win him votes come election day.

Just the kind of tried and tested scumbaggery that keeps such evil fuckstains in a position of dominion over actual human beings.


i still don’t understand how this guy is allowed to still run the city…even doing ONE of the myriad ridiculous things he’s done would get you fired from goddamn McDonald’s, but this tard still gets to run the country’s largest city? I realize that we have elections and whatnot, but surely there’s gotta be some kind of stipulation for a guy who’s repeatedly shown to have used hard drugs, etc…I mean christ, I play guitar for a living and I get drug tested (I work for large cruise line), so what has to happen? Like, does RF have to shoot a 4 year old quadraplegic kid in the face with a bazooka on the city council floor to get ousted? What DOES get a mayor fired?


I’m starting to think this guy isn’t very cool.



He can’t be formally ousted unless he is convicted of a crime. Most politicians, even the severely ethically challenged ones, would resign after even a small percentage of the stuff we have seen with this guy - if only to spare themselves from ongoing embarrassment and ignominy. Not so Mr. Ford, the living proof that sometimes the strict letter of the law is not enough.

To be honest I fully expect him to die in office, probably some kind of appalling ignominious thing like an overdose or while in a drunken brawl at a massage parlor. And I don’t expect him to survive much longer - that kind of self destructive behaviour doesn’t tend to survive much past 40, and he is pushing the envelope on several fronts.


Why would anyone in the LGBT community want him there? Karen Handle, best known for attempting to use the Susan G. Komen Foundation to attack Planned Parenthood, regularly appeared at the Atlanta Pride Festival when she wanted to pander for votes so she would be chair of the county commission. Once she got to the level that she could run for governor, she threw the LGBT community under the bus and turned into an arch-conservative. If Ford has negative feelings about the LGBT community and their friends, I’d rather he stay away than put on a fake smile and receive political support from those he doesn’t like.


Based on his recent behavior, I’d say he’s adverse to ‘pride’, in any form.


If I was a part of a death pool this year, Rob Ford would have been my number one pick. With all of his odd connections and various vices, there’s an incredible diversity in the ways he has a legitimate chance of checking out.


This may be a rare instance of Ford being right. And Putin is right in his insistence that this sort of politics be kept out of the olympics. And polite people are right in expecting people to keep their private lives private. Rude people do have right to free speech about their private lives, but that doesn’t make it a good idea. What is a good idea for many things in life is “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. It’s common sense, common courtesy, and essential to protection of people’s privacy rights, not to mention protecting children from bad examples. For those who would care to accuse me of homophobia, I will point out that in order to have a phobia about something, one must first believe that it exists. If these behaviors do exist, that’s nobody’s business but that of the parties involved, and it would be a good idea for them to protect their privacy. Because people to have a right to disapprove.


Why are people insulating and enabling his behavior? I can’t believe he’s still mayor of Toronto. Is there a rational argument for keeping him on the job?


Well it’s a matter of moral principle. You know, having standards.


They do indeed have a right to disapprove. And I also have a right to regard them as subhuman scum for their disapproval of something which (presumably) has nothing to do with them. And so it goes, round and round.


This is so offensive on so many levels, I don’t even know where to start. Statements like this make me want to be very VERY impolite, an impulse that fights hard with a personal policy not to feed trolls.


I think Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam would do well to smoke some crack and chill out a bit. I think what is really irritating everyone here is that they know Rob Ford will probably be re-elected.


I think you mean ‘dignity.’


I don’t want to feed you, troll. But your jackassery is reprehensible.