Toronto Mayor Rob Ford demands removal of Pride flag from City Hall

I think mr Ford should be a regular cartoon feature.

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Well, that too. I meant he had no pride in himself or the position that he holds.

noun \ˈprīd\

: a feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by other people

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Too bad you don’t follow your own policy. Protecting children from bad examples, like yourself and all. For those who accuse me of ignorance-phobia, well, maybe they are right.


Somehow I’m not surprised that this fuckwit is also a homophobe.


protecting children from bad examples.

Picture related (to you):


Wow, what a fucking dick hole.


OK, Ford IS a flaming jackass of truly EPIC proportions.

But since when was it a requirement for elected officials to attend “Pride” parades ?

There is a difference between peaceful tolerance, which is what is required of civilized people, and the whole-hearted embrace of something. It seems that these days, being “merely” tolerant is considered intolerant. . .


Not attending a parade does not make someone homophobic. There are gay people themselves who don’t attend Pride Parades as they believe they have become nothing but photo ops for pandering politicians and present a campy, stereotype of gay culture and are laughably removed from their Stonewall roots.

Mayor Ford is an idiot through and through but I wouldn’t use attending or not attending a Pride Parade as a litmus test for homophobia.

Well, I got the expected batch of witty but logically flawed replies. Thank you all so much for playing your roles so well. Just one more note- You can’t discriminate against what you don’t know about. And maybe somebody somewhere is made a better person by their particular drug use or sexual practice. But that does not mean that it’s something to take pride in and be an example of if it’s something that is addictive and destructive for most people.

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So you don’t believe homosexuality exists? Or you believe that as long as you can’t see it exists (because everyone is being hush-hush about it around you) then it doesn’t exist?

How much of other people’s sexuality revolves around you?


As the mayor of a city, making a public point of not attending a parade held on your city streets, and then demanding that a flag supporting gay rights be taken down does imply a bit of a position.


Don’t bother replying to Joe_Aleks anymore. He cannot hear you from inside my belly.


Well to be fair, the LGBT community (and everyone else) has been demanding the removal of Rob Ford from city hall for a year now.


And yet it’s an issue that he doesn’t support them ?? /boggle.

Is he? Is he reaaaly?

And polite people are right in expecting people to keep their private lives private. Rude people do have right to free speech about their private lives, but that doesn’t make it a good idea

Oh, so now it’s the rude gays v. the polite haters? That’s precious.

For those who would care to accuse me of homophobia, I will point out that in order to have a phobia about something, one must first believe that it exists.

I would never accuse you of homophobia. Intolerance and bigotry, yes, but not fear.

If these behaviors do exist, that’s nobody’s business but that of the parties involved, and it would be a good idea for them to protect their privacy. Because people to have a right to disapprove.

Do you really think they are afraid of the disapproval of the likes of you, Lord Grantham?


my bad. didn’t see.


Councillor John Parker said “the fact that that flag is flying at this time when the world is outraged at the comments and behaviour of Vladimir Putin suits me just fine. I’m sorry that Rob Ford has decided to align himself with Vladimir Putin.”

While I think Mr. Ford is an assclown and quite probably homophobic it’s quite a stretch and bad form to compare his behavior to Putin

I am not aware of any rational reasons, other than legal obligations of the City to honor election results.

He is insulated and enabled by the laws which define the terms under which he might be removed, and lawyers whose profession it is to defend even the worst scoundrel. Its a sign of a healthy representative democracy that it is procedurally difficult to remove an elected official, it prevents mob action, and might also encourage more responsible voting habits in the first place.


You must not have seen the recent episode, when he secretly loaned money to a peon so that the man could stay on the farm his ancestors had worked for generations. For the financial benefit of generations of Lord Granthams, of course, but still.

I’m going to start calling you Pollyanna, or maybe Pangloss, if you keep this up.

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