Rob Ford... bumblefuck... whatever... comes across as vaguely human in this video of him getting coffee with Deadmau5 in his nyancat ferrari

(It’s part of a series called “Coffee Run”)


Well, Deadmau5 seems pretty cool.

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I imagine he’s tons of fun to smoke crack with as well, but he still shouldn’t be in charge of anything (not even his own crackpipe).


I knew that was his car, but I didn’t know it had colour-coordinated brake calipers!

Dude went all out!

So disappointed, was expecting

“Mayors in cars getting crack”, modeled after the Seinfeld show.

Instead I got barely audible bumblefuck sounding more or less human. I move for a re-shoot.

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He does seem more or less human, if by that you mean self-consciously awkward at being in an unfamiliar situation where he feels out of place (which is a very human reaction).

Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee are pairings of rich, successful, worldly entertainment icons who aren’t awed by money or expensive/fancy/obscure cars or any of the trappings of wealth. Here we get Rob Ford talks about expresso [sic], and even though he doesn’t really drink coffee he likes quintuple shots and thinks it’s hilarious to order this as two doubles and a single. Deadmau5 talks about how he likes his McLaren, flying his Ferrari to the UK and using an airport runway as his private track, and trashing his espresso machine. Rob Ford awkwardly pays for his coffee (probably had to to avoid any impression of impropriety, but it’s still awkward) and chips in for gas money.

To me Ford comes across as a rube—which probably says more about how I’ve been culturally indoctrinated into thinking that affluent worldliness reflects how valuable and good someone is—while Deadmau5 strikes me as someone very out of touch with reality and not at all concerned with this.

He’s probably affable and OK when he’s not off his face. Still not fit to be Mayor of Toronto, though.

edit: Wait, why did I reply to say the exact same thing?

Cos you’re high? :wink:

He seemed pretty in touch with the reality of Ford being a fuckwit, at least.

I enjoyed the one or two pointed glances at the camera he gave.

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