Rob Ford's pitiable moment on Jimmy Kimmel


That was ill-advised, even for him. Maybe he’s gunning for some post-mayoral “lovable fuckup” third-rate celebrity career. Do a TV show sharing a house with Joey Buttafuoco and Tonya Harding and the ghost of Dana Plato.

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I’m no fan, but I thought he handled himself surprisingly well. I just wish someone would fact check his supposed tax “savings” - TINSTAAFL.


I am amazed he went on there, but I suspect it will turn into a big win for him. He came across as very human.

Not that he should be allowed anywhere near elected office, but he represented himself fairly well there.


There were at least two bits of generic conservative fuckwittery: One is the idea that being a drug addicted loud mouthed slob is some sort of virtue. Second is the part where said cutting a tax is savings - no, cutting revenue isn’t savings, cutting spending is savings.


Please, please can’t this be one place we can go without looking at this ass clown’s face?
Don’t you see every time you mention his name or point out his latest obscenity you make him stronger?
Let us leave him alone on the dung heap of Canadian history.


Lots of people have. They’re nonsense.

actually, cory’s incessant “laughable bumblefuck” posts have made me aware of the guy, and it’s not making him stronger. in fact, it’s making it clearer that he’s a laughable bumblefuck.

it’s proof that “conservative” is the new buzzword for “useless fucking money-puppet fascist”, and that that’s kind of how it works in other countries. this was new to me at one point. it’s important that other people hear it as well.

i don’t mind a cult of personality when the cult is all about the hilarity of the personality.


That’s the thing. He was pitiable. Kimmel looked like a dickweed for doing what he did. I am no fan of Ford, but it was a douche parade, all around, and on a human level, it made me feel sorry for Ford.


Unfortunately, he knows there are enough gullible schmucks that believe his fairy tale tax savings stories that he might well get re-elected.

Here’s a good analysis of “Ford math” savings, and how they really aren’t saving a dime.

Maybe I saw a different interview:
Kimmel: You are the most wonderful mayor I have witnessed in my…many years
(to loud applause)
Kimmel: I’m going to take the DNA from this tissue, I’m going to clone you, and we’ll have a whole army of you here in LA.
(to general applause and appreciative laughter)

Yeah, really pitiable.

Here’s the problem I see with Rob Ford, he does this likeable every-man act very well and comes across as a down to earth regular Joe. Kind of like Dubya…


Fact Check: Rob Ford voted against several of his listed ‘accomplishments’

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I’ve only watched the first minute, but I love the “everyone’s a customer… we all pay taxes” … yeah, but Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t pay taxes to YOUR country…

Think of Rob Ford as Stephen Harper’s doppelgänger - except Harper’s not as laughable and bumblefucky, and he’s blazing up the commonwealth of Canada instead of crack.

I like this guy. He’s entertaining.

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I don’t think Kimmel’s words can be taken as sincere here.

Mark my words, he is going to be in the 2015 cast of Dancing With the Stars, and he’s already out campaigning for votes.

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This seemed like a No-Lose situation for Ford. Considering that every notable film clip we’ve ever seen of him is in an uncontrolled delirious or frenetic state, I would think this “new” Rob Ford with a relaxed, personable, and sober affect, can only be a positive for him.

Yet another show I would pay to see go away. How about a deathmatch between him and George Zimmerman?

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