The Rob Ford Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo Splits Parody video you've been waiting for

I imagine a couple of months ago we might have seen this ad with Miley Cyrus’ face, tongue a-flappin’, added instead. And before that, maybe disgraced San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

Honestly, if someone could add Filner’s face to the Late For Meeting video, I’d be over the moon.

what kind of editing software would one use for this kind of stuff?

I think it makes the stunt more impressive because the handling characteristics of two different trailers add to the challenge.

Did you listen to the dialogue? The first couple of sentences describe Rob Ford’s current situation perfectly.

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It’s all described here:

You’re overthinking it. The point is that it’s technically impressive for a face swap. It’s a “look what we can do” piece from a visual effects group.

The question is, what other parodies are there?

I think they’re slightly different models of truck, and the trailer choice was to accentuate that.

I think it’s the lack of connection that makes it (for what it might be worth.) Juxtaposition, character foil, etc.

There seems to have been a big surge in this kind of absurd humour with the popularization of the internet, the kind people call ‘random’ but which actually isn’t. It’s like a genre unto itself. I am sure there is a grad student toiling away with an analysis as we speak.

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