Swarms of tiny bug drones: how the US Air Force plans to spy on China




I’ve been saying for awhile now that I want my own personal insect or smaller killer drone keyed to my individual DNA. Looks like reality is completing my fantasies. That would be one of the ultimate civilian command and control mechanisms: every citizen tagged with their own permanent killer nano-drone. Security! Freedom!


Sounds like the Four Pests Campaign will be getting an update…


I don’t like the future.


Aaaaaand billions of dollars gone.

I support government research. I oppose turning the world into a blazing hell which these psychopaths seem driven to do.


It keeps going back to ‘The only way to solve all these problems is to take all the people who invent and make things away from the governments’


Actually, this is great news! No doubt the Chinese will recover some and build their own versions, and soon make tiny drones available to everyone on the free market. Woo hoo!


Ever been swarmed by 5000 autonomous flying micro-tasers instructed to electrocute anything that moves?

Genetic mankind does not stand a chance.


I’m remembering Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age, where clouds of nano-tech drones formed a fog between the Han territories and the NeoVicky territories, ostensibly as spy systems. But since we didn’t want “their” drones invading “our” space, we also had to create active attack nano-tech drones to take out their spy drones, and they did the same back, and so on, and so forth.

How is this making anything better?


Try billions of self-replicating nano-taser drones designed to detect… oh, this just gets worse and worse, doesn’t it?


They will, of course, be made in China.


What’s the worst that could happen?


The Big Crunch, the end of this universe, as shown in the series Lexx where all matter in the cosmos converted to drones which then assemble at same point in space.


The US Air Force wants nanodrones. I want a pony. Good luck to us both.


How is this making anything better?

It’s profitable?


What’s the worst that could happen?

And what could possibly go wrong?


They’re running Windows 11, and they’re armed.


When we also have household 3-D printers and steampunk fetishists as our ruling class we’ll pretty much be living the novel.


Hell, I’m not even sure I like the now.


They’re running Windows 11, and they’re armed.

If Windows 11 follows down the same path as Windows 8, these drones will dive bomb into unsold PCs at Best Buys to kill what’s left of the desktop computer market that Windows 8 didn’t finish off.