App lets you auction your San Francisco parking spot

Folks, we’re looking at this all wrong. You see parking class warfare, I see *increased ease of carjacking. * Now I don’t have to go driving all over town for those high-end automobiles I want to steal - just a few taps on my smartphone and those suckers come right to where I am.


I was thinking the sort of person who’s in such a rush to shell out $20 for a parking space would probably just opt for one of S.F.'s many parking garages.

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What, and WALK a couple hundred extra feet? In these shoes?

More though, there’s more time involved with pulling in, getting a ticket, driving to a space, exit the garage, and then reversing it all.

OTOH somebody who’s getting paid $1000 an hour isn’t going to be driving themselves…

There is no enforcement, welcome to the free market!

My best guess is it’s like Uber, where you would line up behind the leaver, signal that you are ready on the phone, and then the leaver drives off.

This is literally just efficient assembly of information. Cities could have come out with more efficient parking schema, but they would rather rely on a system that penalizes people for forgetting to feed meters, which are 80 year old technology and a terrible user experience.

Also, parking in SF, when you consider going to a show in Nob Hill, parking is $25 for 3 hours. I would happily pay less than that (when you consider the initial $20 minus what I get back for moving later), then I am absolutely ahead and it isn’t a “rich man’s game”, it’s me saving money and time, which is absolutely valuable.

Anyway, the makers of this app didn’t create a parking shortage in San Francisco, they are attempting to deal with it in a networked manner. Maybe their product will work and maybe it won’t, but it’s funny to see people who don’t even live here shit all over it while they defend inefficient and outdated municipal systems.

At least the class warfare side of this cuts both ways. It will create an incentive for people to circle ritzy neighborhoods, looking for an open parking space to camp in. A noticeable percentage of urban traffic is already people circling for parking – this will concentrate that effect even more. Basically, I’m pretty sure this will reduce the quality of life precisely in the parts of town rich assholes most want to be in. So that’s kind of cool.

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