Apparently Facebook did approve ads saying Republicans support the Green New Deal

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Alright, this is one of those moments that I’m almost certain I’ve see someone come very close to predicting in a SF short story twenty years ago, but I’m having a hell of a time pinning it down right now. Anybody got a clue on this one?


Waiting for the spin cycle that AOC is somehow the bad guy here in 3, 2, 1…


Under these circumstances, this is really the best and only defense. Lie loudly and often to remove any sense of credibility from Facebook’s advertising. condition people that they are all bullshit as an inoculation. In a way, it’s almost more dangerous when networks try to claim that they do vet ads, then bullshit slips through under the veneer of legitimacy. I wouldn’t take this kind of nihilistic attitude toward sources of necessary information, but advertising falls well outside that category.


“Conservatives” used to be champions for great things like this.

Then we got W. Twice. Then a brief breath of fresh air for 8 years of a leader who happened to not be an old white dude and things started to get better. Then we have a toddler who is kicking down the foundations of government. And FFS it better not be twice.


That sounds like a job for Science Fiction & Fantasy StackExchange!


Tr0lling both the GOP and Facebook at the same time? I like the cut of the Really Online Lefty League’s jib.

Now watch as Senator Huckleberry complains, and then watch as Zuckerberg takes down the ad.


Help is on the way.

Bernice King, yes her brother Martin III had a birthday on Wednesday, tweeted about facebook a few days ago.

And wham, she got an invite to facebook HQ, where she talked ti staff, including Zuckerberg’s wife, though I can’t remember if she said she spoke with the main squeeze.

Maybe nothing will happen, but maybe she has clout as a proponent of change, and her father and mother’s daughter. She keeps their legacy alive


Fairly certain the conservative slide began long before W. Think Reagan.


I was in elementary school during Reagan, but I remember my dad bitching about him. A lot. My grandfather (other side of the fam) was very pro-Reagan which led to some interesting family Thanksgivings. I didn’t get what was going on at the time, but after turkey dinner I usually absconded to some other room so I didn’t have to put up with the yelling :slight_smile:

We ended up taking care of them after a stroke in his older years. His other pro-Reagan family just wanted to plunk him in a cheap nursing home.


That was the beginning of the real “greed is good” movement. Late 70s saw the beginning shift of compensation imbalance in favor of executives and elites.

Reagan talked about defending the little guy but effectively put his boot to the little guys throat instead.


Yikes! That clickhole is more dangerous than TV Tropes.


I had considered running “Moscow Mitch” digital billboard ads in Mitch McConnell’s district. You can get a pretty good number of off-peak impressions for maybe $20 a day. The important part is to get some attention so it spreads. Perhaps they should consider that, too, although ruining Facebook’s cover for lies is much more important.

(I didn’t run the billboards is because of the same reason this group’s fundraising on their site: it appears to be structured like a campaign contribution, along with all that reporting and inspection. That, and I suspect McConnell would take a particular interest in making life miserable, because that’s just the sort of fecalith he is.)


Why make an ad that makes Republicans look good? The Green New Deal is popular.

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Funny because it used to be true.

This is an example of “guerrilla ontology” which Robert Anton Wilson described in the 80’s.

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I hope they also sponsor a movement for Rambunctious Internet Conspiracy Kicking!

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The trolling is fantastic but I’m stuck in an infinite loop trying to figure out if the ad is a good idea.

Think Nixon.


It really is Nixons all the way down.