After taking them down, Facebook restores Elizabeth Warren ads calling for breakup of Facebook

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“This ad was taken down because it goes against Facebook’s advertising policies,” the ban notice read.


Good job, Fecesbook. Stuff like this is why so many people want you drawn and quartered in the first place.

Of course I’d rather they just get crushed and/or torn apart. Fecesbook as a utility is almost more nauseating.


A sewer for humanity?




It’s so frustrating when content gets taken down without specifying which rule it was perceived to have violated. It adds to the list of people who are disappointed with those sites.


And yet, when I report anti-vax ads, and anti wireless nuts, I always get a response that they checked, and it’s not deceptive.


That is the Warren technique: make turnabout at light speed and they will divorce from themselves.


I don’t have time to find that matrix GIF, but “what if I told you this is all theater and Warren will not get the nomination”. Book it . There’s too much money in the governments pocket now . Or there will be ASAP.


I suppose any corporation has to fight a breakup action, but the fact is, the former Bell System saw profits skyrocket after the breakup. I’m willing to bet Standard Oil did, too.

If I was Zuckerberg, I’d be saying, “Oh no, Bre’er Fox, don’t throw me in that briar patch!”






I don’t know much about the world of politics-buying, but I don’t think it works quite that directly; it’d be self-defeating. From what I understand, the trick is to do it in the open, but in ways that are just circuitous enough that it can’t be explained within most voters’ 30-second attention window.

If Facebook could simply pay to have the DNC sink a candidate, that’s a story people would notice and get angry about. If their own brand wasn’t so toxic, they might try direct attack ads (“Warren wants to take away your Facebook account”). I guess the main thing they can do is spend lots on her primary opponents, and I further guess that’s part of why she has sworn off big donors in the primaries – if she expects the donor class to try to spend her out of the race, she might be better off jumping before they push, and then making that into a selling point. Or, she might end up being spent out of the race.


I have zero pity for anyone still using or thinking they need to rely on Facebook

The only power they have is what you’ve given them

Close your account, never sign in again, block them on your computer/network

We’re not a third-world country where it’s the only app on your phone which is your only connection to the internet, you’ve got literally hundreds of other options including making your own damn blog, and you might learn some useful skills


PERFECT use of that .gif, sir. Take your upvote and a well-deserved round of applause!

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What would they break Facebook into, a company that specializes in tracking you and selling private details, a company that specializes in propaganda ads, a company that specializes in promoting drama, a company that specializes in autoplaying videos, and a company that specializes in generally sucking ass?

That’s just the internet… Facebook brings all that into one awful place.

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If you were trying to formulate a plan to make Facebook look venal, stupid, and spineless, could you do better than this sort of corruption plus flip-flopping?

Some years ago, before I abandoned my Facebook, I had posted a link to a news item that was critical of Facebook itself. Such links show up (showed up?) as tiny article summaries, usually just the first couple lines of the article. I had always assumed those were automatically generated, but this one was summarized as simply “beyond lame.” Someone had spent the time and effort to ensure that this news item, critical of FB, would be automatically dissed by FB’s mechanisms. Which betrays a lot.

I guess nothing’s changed. There are still thin-skinned adolescents running some things.

What manipulations does FB undertake more subtly, what machinations haven’t made a big enough stink that we’ve all heard about them?


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