Appeals court nukes the copyright troll business-model


How could they have passed up the opportunity to sue 1024 unnamed users? No, they had to sue the sum of all users.

using the threat of having your name associated with “Anal Invaders XII”

When it comes to the Anal Invaders series, you need to follow the opposite rule as Star Trek movies. With Star Trek, it’s the even-numbered movies that are good. With Anal Invaders, you really want the odd-numbered movies. Anal Invaders XII was a travesty. The plot was pointless and so more butts were pounded in BJ Gets a BJ. Stick with Anal Invaders III, VII, and XI. Those are the gems of the series. One star out of five.


Anal Invaders I thru XI really exhausted the genre.


It is a shame that they sought account information from ISPs who do not offer service in the courts jurisdiction. Even without geolocation, trying to get information when the ISP & customer aren’t under the jurisdiction is a stupid thing to do.

I have to say, the nuclear Bozo is genius! Kudos to whoever the Photoshop wizard is.


I really think that you’re giving some of the installments short shrift. Anal Invaders X holds up. I mean, yeah, it’s primarily there to provide through-material to SET UP Anal Invaders XI, but it’s still got its moments.


Back Door Sluts 9? That makes Crotch Capers 3 look like Naughty Nurses 2!

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I dunno. I only saw the trailer, but it was one of those trailers where you get the feeling you’ve pretty much seen the whole movie.

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