Apple bans an app because Hong Kong protesters might use it to avoid the murderous, out of control police

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Uh, that video shows exactly the opposite - a HK policeman shooting an armed, violent protestor.

Given the way things are going in HK, it’s either remove that app, or all iPhone will be blacklisted from HK mobile networks…

…or anyone seen carrying an iPhone will be beaten and/or arrested.

Anyone consider the possibility the police could infiltrate said app and use it to kettle protesters?


Wait a minute, It’s a webapp too. There’s a link to it in the article.

Just open it in Safari and use the “share” button to create a shortcut. Works the same as the app (which is probably just a wrapper for the web app)

Tho it will only be a matter of time before the Great Firewall of China blocks it. It’s a CloudFlare IP, but they’ve managed to screen that kind of content before. Blackholing it in DNS will stymie most users.

Cory, your bit about legal threats and technical countermeasures is not accurate. Yes, Apple (and app developers) take those measures against jailbreaking and app piracy, but sideloading apps is as simple as installing a configuration profile and the app package. Developers do it, enterprise-managed devices do it, and you can do it. Make sure you trust the profile and app sources tho.


Does it need to be an app?
I don’t get why every service needs to be packed as a separated app instead of relying on web browsers, specially if your intent is not monetizing the users.


seems like it works fine in a browser. The app is just a wrapper, perhaps for enabling the push notification service.


In Coreyvision, protesters are never armed and violent.

Well unarmed in that they didn’t have a firearm. But I am going to excuse their violence because they are fighting to retain the autonomy that has been afforded to them. China wants extradition powers which would effectively end their segregated autonomy they’ve enjoyed just far.



Yeah, Apple is heavily dependent on China for its very existence. I’ve been using Apple computers since 1988. I’m beginning to really hate them.

I understand the impulse for a business to protect its supply chain, and I suppose in capitalism that overwhelms any human considerations. But hell.


If a 18 years old body armed with a foam surf board and pvc stick is able to threaten the life of a full geared riot trained officer; I think there is a problem.


China extending his power over Hong Kong. Soon to be seen on many other countries that are depending on Chinese’s investments.
Chinese dictatorship is growing.
Who is next?

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All Apple servers for Chinese consumers are now based in China with the ability to get dumped to any request from the government without a need for a warrant.
It’s called China Data Protection Regulations (CDPR), implemented in 2018. Use google for more.
DJI, Apple, Huawei,… are all under the same status.

Any server based in China is subject to full disk dump to the authorities, without a need for any warrant.
It’s called Regulations on Internet Security Supervision and Inspection by Public Security Organs" (公安机关互联网安全监督检查规定) , since 2017
It gives many interesting power to the police.
“Copy any user information found on inspected systems during on-site or remote inspections.”
This is something that was implemented in 2017.

Please check the “privacy policy” when you sign in to the DJI go app or buy an apple product in China.


So, you can get Android phones in Hong Kong. Presumably the app will be available and work on that. Agreed, Monopolies are a very bad thing.

I didn’t say the shooting was justified. But describing a street brawl as peaceful and nonviolent is inaccurate on the face of it.

18 year old holding a surf foam board and a 2 cm diameter pvc tube in front of a riot officer do not seems like a lethal situation. I have posted in another answer the picture of this kid minutes before he get shot.
Violent; agree,
But “Armed”, I’m not so sure.
and… As police like to get things clean…
Here is in few following minutes where the officer are trying to bring another “weapon” to justify it (in Red)

The small plastic PVC can still be seen around the kids head (in Yellow).
He also took them 5mn to call an an ambulance…

Here’s that hippie, pro-privacy, pro-freedom Apple y’all so love: Hong Kong protest safety app banned from iOS store

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