Apple campus death: Employee dead in conference, reports of gun shooting


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“nobody else on campus or in the public at risk”

Given how often these are reported – and it’s got to the point where not all of them are even newsworthy – I don’t think that’s actually true anymore. It’s just become another background risk, like being hit by a car when you cross the road.

Usually it’s easier to see a car coming than a bullet, though.


Attempted murder/suicide? I thought that was only at their overseas plants.


Looks like they removed one button too many from the UI.


The whole woman with a head-injury being escorted by security part of the report leading to this is a very strange course of events.


Could possibly be completely unrelated…


I quickly reached the same conclusion, and deleted the post with 30 seconds of posting it.

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I could still see it when I made the comment, and can still see it now, so I don’t think your delete has taken.


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That has happened to me more than once.

If yours behaves the way my last one did, it will be visible, as if it is a normal post, for 24 hours, and then disappear.


It no longer has the “delete this post” trashcan icon. In its place it has an “undelete this post” icon. Even after reloading the page.

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So… no one is in danger, and no one knows anything about anything. There is literally no shred of information worth knowing. I feel suckered somehow for even clicking on it.

I’m curious how journalists feel about being forced to publish content-free content just to “break” a story that doesn’t actually exist yet.


Chucking people with visible injuries sustained on the premises seems like a stupid, stupid, stupid X10 thing to do.

Whoever made that call ? probably should have detained and requested medical personnel + police. CYA+humane


Given the paucity of information it’s possible that security was escorting her out to an ambulance or something.


Speaking only for myself back in the day when I was still a journalist - I hated it. Passionately hated it.


Male employee dead in conference room, reports of a gun involved

Did the police even question that gun???


As of 11 years ago:

The Apple campus is too big for Cupertino’s 911 system, they don’t have a “map”, if you call it the responders end up in front of IL1. So the fastest way to get a response is to call them and head to the IL1 entrance. The second fastest way is to call campus security and have them escort the responders in.

As far as I know that hasn’t changed, but if it changed in the last two years I wouldn’t know (stopped working there).

So this could have just been the fastest way to the wounded and the paramedics together?


The silence is deafening. I feel the “damage control” mode.


Apologies in advance. But when I read the above, I had a terrible flashback to the web circa 2001, when every single site seemed to carry a popup like this: