Active shooter at Youtube headquarters



5 bucks says this is some gun-humper pissed off about youtube taking down gun videos.




I’d bet a 100 bucks or more that the Breitbart forums are busily trying to pin this on Liberals.

ETA: Confirmed. Man, I feel dirty now.


CNN reports a female shooter dead, a handful of injured people transported to hospital.


Well at least gender diversity is starting to come to mass shootings! I think we can agree that this represents progress. /bad-joke

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It’s okay now. Trump sent in his thoughts and prayers.


I have seen YouTube’s headquarters. They have better security there than any public school would be able to afford. I have a hunch that will not prevent the gun nuts from claiming increased security measures are the only way to reduce mass shootings.


Still waiting on an attack to happen at a gun show, swap meet or at an NRA convention; with the ever increasing frequency in mass shootings, it’s pretty much inevitable.


Do they have security security; or just your basic office-park ‘zillions of card strikes; plenty of cameras; and enough rentacops that anyone who doesn’t look like they belong will be ushered out pretty quickly’?

Perhaps Youtube is more hardcore, which is why this is in the form of a question; but my experiences with office park and tech campus security have mostly been of the ‘if you don’t look out of place and can follow someone through the door when they badge in that’s about it’. Card strikes everywhere, so you can’t just wander off by yourself; and there are ‘security’ people whose job it is to (more or less politely) hassle you, so you can’t rely on everyone assuming that it’s someone else’s job; but people get lax about holding the door for one another; and patdowns and metal detectors would not suit the atmosphere: would not want to infliltrate as a homeless guy; would (and have) passed beneath notice as a generic polo-shirted nerd guy.

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It’s not “maximum security prison”-type security (or wasn’t last time I was there) but like I said it was more than any public school could reasonably be expected to afford.


Nasim Aghdam

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Not exactly but it might be something like that.

Animal rights instead of guns?

Meta level: high.

FTR, that’s page two of my search results. I didn’t click through any, including this.

That’s… somehow a bit like the opposite of thoughts and prayers.

Thanks, sounds like a domestic spat gone bad. I’d be willing to bet though that Trump is currently salivating as he struggles to find a way to Tweet-blast her and Iran as the kind of terrorists that the democrats and the fake news media are trying to stop him from keeping out of this country.

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