Following the Naval Yard shooting, online


Meanwhile cops have “opened fire against unarmed men in two different states”, but strangely I can’t find a liveblog about that.


What is going on today?

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Thank goodness their second-amendment freedoms weren’t trampled by gun-grabbing liberals.


Strange that this happened in a gun-free zone in a city with some of the most strict gun laws in America.


Are you trying to suggest that tighter gun control laws don’t work because some homicidal maniacs choose a Naval Shipyard in DC to go on their shooting spree?

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No, no. I just think that it seems like these things always happen in gun-free areas - college campuses, an elementary school, and now on a military base.


I never knew the washington Beltway was a gun free zone.

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Ignore him. He is just a 9/11 truther (look up his YouTube profile) who just registered to troll us.


I know, of course, that not all shootings happen in places where guns aren’t allowed. I guess I said “always” when I didn’t mean that literally.

A shooting took place today in America, the place where everybody has guns.


“…always happen in gun-free areas…and now on a military base.”
Yeah, which is nothing like when it happened at Fort Sam Houston (military base), Fort Hood (military base), or Quantico (hmm…let me think…Jack Ryan’s home?).


I’m not here to troll; I read BoingBoing every day, but I never made an account.

You are absolutely correct, but I don’t feel like clicking the little heart icon underneath your comment.

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Everybody make sure you don’t jump to conclusions. I mean, we could all guess who likely did this and those guesses would likely be accurate but it’s still wrong to jump to conclusions!

Yeah, it’s the same. You’re being sarcastic, right?

I heard from ABC that one of them was “a former Navy official in his 50’s whose work status recently changed.”

Well, just as long as they didn’t use poison gas.


I am, yes.

Odder reactions alongside the obvious ones:

  1. Opening fire on a military base sounds like a classic instance of attempting suicide-by-police.

  2. “Well, at least it’s arguably a military target rather than civilian.”

  3. The fact that this sort of thing has stopped being especially surprising is a Very Bad Thing.

  4. If you want to scare yourself sane about what’s happening with many flavors of extremism in America, I strongly recommend getting hold of a copy of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report newsletter.

  5. This is what Homeland (in)Security should be worrying about. Unfortunately their real purpose is to maintain a state of terror rather than to actually prevent attacks from happening. The fact that they caved to political pressure rather than defending their monitoring of radical groups inside the US was typical.

(Actually, Homeland Security should be disbanded and their resources returned to groups like the FBI which have a history of actually getting something useful done.)