You can eat burritos without a firearm?




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I often do enjoy a burrito without a firearm, but am forced to sit on the floor behind the trash cans keeping a direct route to the doorway in case Chipotle is invaded. Thankfully Mexicans hate the food there and spend all their time down at those trucks.


How long til someone intentionally ignores your sarcasm and flags that post?


I’m pretty sure they’re going to come frothy-mouthed and shambling after your headline first. I’m going to be collateral damage in comparison.


It’s just a matter of time before Obama’s jackbooted Kenyan Affordable Care Act thugs go Benghazi on Chipotle’s restaurants Fast and Furious style, and when they do, GUESS WHICH PATRIOTS WON’T BE THERE TO STAND IN THE WAY. #toobusyaccidentallyshootingupqdoba


What? They love me. We were all friends with Andrew Breitbart, right?


I wonder if the reaction would have been different had they merely asked people to keep the long guns at home.


Speaking from personal experience, I’d describe it as a really excellent way to shove people who are on the “somewhat sympathetic to the idea of reasonable open-carry laws” fence off that fence and onto the “y’all are crazy jerks who do not have a place in civilized society” side.


Yeah, I’d wonder if they were gun-control advocates under false flag, except it’s Texas.


Florida man would have done that shit right.


Great! Shorter lines, I hope. I would like to mention, though…you don’t have to tell everybody what’s in your pockets. But I guess some people like the attention.


So has the obvious collision of open carry and stand your ground ever happened?


Directly pertaining to burrito theft or just in general?


Just in general - However it was this story when I read it a day or so ago that made me think that some day there will be or was a collision as a person feels threatened and reacts to some open carry person. Also brought to mind images of a shoot out at a fast food restaurant ins some Tarantino-esque encounter.


That’s going to make it really difficult to differentiate which one is the good guy with the gun…


It’s not the eatin’ part that gets directly enhanced by the presence of firearms – it’s the assembly part… When you have a rifle with a banana clip (just look at it) full of ammo hanging off of your shoulder, the resulting burrito is as big as your head.
Typical firearm enhanced “Freedom burrito”


Just to clarify two errors in the original post:

“the little guy is holding his automatic rifle inside the restaurant and he appears to have his finger on the trigger”

  1. It’s a **SEMI-**automatic. It’s an SKS with a lot of crap slapped on it.

  2. His finger is NOT on the trigger. It’s along the side of the rifle above the trigger, which is where it’s supposed to be.



I’d argue that none of his fingers should be anywhere near the bloody weapon while in a restaurant.