Bodycam footage shows deputies closing in on San Jose mass shooter, who kills self as they approach

Originally published at: Bodycam footage shows deputies closing in on San Jose mass shooter, who kills self as they approach | Boing Boing


At least they didn’t yell “stop resisting”.

Sad situation, as are all shootings.


C’mon @beschizza. This shouldn’t be posted.


Mass shootings are getting so common again that it’s hard to keep up with them. Especially with which ones matter (perhaps more?) in terms of being organized. Like the one in Miami with three masked shooters who drove away. Have those three shown up yet?


No #snuff hashtag?

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Perfect name for a bad cop vertical (to go with the weed one, bong bong)

Rob, I admit to watching the embedded video out of a morbid curiosity. No doubt you did as well. But now I’m left wondering, why did you think it worthy of sharing? I’m not judging, just … curious.

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Bud don’t!

Yeah… not gonna watch that.

Traumatized enough.

But seriously enough Rob I hope you’re ok if that’s not insulting to say from my “place” here to yours? It’s stressful times.


That is best read in the style of ‘Janet and John’ books.

See the man run.
Run man run.
He is in the yard.
We can’t see the man now.

We hear a bang.
Oh oh.
Did he use his gun?
Yes he did.

Here is his body.
He shot his own head.
Ha ha.
Silly man.

Why would I watch that??

I watched it, you watched it @beschizza watched it… what is the point of this?

Not morbid voyeurism but a deeper desire to see all facets of humanity would be my reason.

If you’re going to post a message worth promoting to a wider community, journalism and editorial, then you’ll have to open your eyes to some shit

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Why? I don’t need to see people die. What possible insight would that give me? It’s not like the George Floyd video where we learned about police brutality (and of which I also only watched the beginning but enough people have watched it for me to know exactly what happened).

shot himself under the chin then put the gun to the side of his head

Ouch. Can you imagine having to try again?

I guess my take is that to see a person die is to relate to other peoples personal experience in the same way as seeing the subjects of bullying and persecution. It’s probably the only universal experience we all share.

I don’t want to see anybody suffer or die but sometimes I feel that I should bear witness to these things to be able to think and speak of them.

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