Cops shoot and kill student on campus


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List of Things That Frighten Police
Police officer ignorantly and aggressively detained autistic boy who was just stimming
Police officer ignorantly and aggressively detained autistic boy who was just stimming
Should the american police be disbanded?

Why is anyone pointing a firearm at someone with a knife?


When all Calvin has is a hammer…


I have no intention of watching the video, but judging from the description of the events it seems obvious that this person was looking to get shot by officers. Did they not have tasers? Why did they decide to go with guns over something less lethal that could have stopped the person with a minimized risk for death?


Not according to the report. They had pepper spray and they had guns, and well … damn.


Further evidence that males with intent to kill themselves tend to go for the most reliable means.

[Correction: My thanks to @the_borderer and @ugh for pointing out that Schultz identified as non-binary. Apologies and next time I’ll be diligent enough to read the linked story and not just the excerpt.]


Pepper spray would have likely worked for diffusing the situation as well. There is an increased risk for injury on both parties if they were to have gotten rushed so i understand that much, but i’m saddened over the needless death and the itchy trigger fingers most officers seem to have.


So was the multitool really closed? well, regardless, this is disturbingly close to self immolation.


Oof. Absolutely insane that the cop shot to kill, or at “center of mass” as they like to call it. A shot to the foot or whatever would have done just fine, assuming they didn’t have any other deterrents with them. I don’t blame them, they’re just doing what they’re trained to do. But the training itself really needs to change.


In the UK, the cops dealing with upset individuals don’t carry guns. It’s time to disarm American police.


I haven’t watched the video.

So you’re saying K-9 “cops” handle guns now?

ETA: My point being, I don’t think we should let trigger-happy cops off the hook by saying that they’re “just following their training.”


Fingers crossed: according to a future report, they had jobs in law enforcement.


NY Times says it was “half-open” so who knows. Cops will say it was open. I wonder what was going on in Scout’s mind as the cops were telling them to drop the knife. It’s a shame that it ended the way it did. I think about the contrast with Tamir Rice who, being black, didn’t even have a chance to respond to police orders since they shot him less than two seconds after they confronted him.


no it fucking isn’t.

Gasoline has no free will and no responsibility to society.

Fuck That Noise.


I guess they could claim that shooting the centre of body mass reduces the chances of other people getting injured. A leg shot might lead to a ricochet. Of course, pepper spray would have been a better option, or even backing up and talking to him.Were they in a rush? Was it getting near the end of shift?


The important thing is that we not institute universal health care that includes mental illness treatment, because socialism.


this is disturbingly close to self immolation.

I don’t get your anger? Self-immolation has nothing to do with gasoline, just killing oneself, especially for protest.


They/Them for Scout please. RIP.


When will be the last time a child will be murdered by a police officer?

Asking for a friend…


When it’s the child of someone rich, famous, powerful and White?

Nah, who am I kidding? Not even then…


While I agree with the sentiment, I’ll bet that part of the issue is there are probably far less handguns per capita in places like the U.K. (and Canada for that matter) vs the US.

Disarmament may not be safe for US officers. Doesn’t mean nonleathal vs nonleathal training methods should remain as-is, though!