List of Things That Frighten Police



Breadboarded prototypes?


New item: bodily fluids: Up to half of the Americans killed by police have a disability


Don’t forget cell phones:

From back in 2013:

Techdirt: San Diego Cop Thinks You Might Have Turned Your Cell Phone Into A Gun And That ‘Officer Safety’ Trumps Constitutional Rights

“Phones can be converted into weapons …. look it up online,” the cop told him.

When Pringle tried to talk sense into the cop, the cop slapped the phone out of his hand where it fell onto the boardwalk and broke apart.

The other cop then pounced on him, slamming him down on the boardwalk where he ended up with a laceration on his chin.

It’s true that there was a gun by that time designed to look like a cell phone. Now there’s another, designed to look like a modern smartphone:

Techdirt: Startup Offers Citizens More Opportunities To Get Shot By/Have Their Smartphones Seized By Law Enforcement

But it does give law enforcement the justification it needs to continue harassing people for recording police activity. When any smartphone could conceivably be a weapon, securing the scene means grabbing all the smartphones in the vicinity. Whether or not this seizure would hold up in court during civil proceedings still needs to be tested, but by that point the elimination of possibly damning footage will have already been accomplished.

Worse, it makes mistaking a cell phone for a gun a justification for shooting someone carrying nothing more dangerous than a communication device. The slim possibility that it may be a weapon would generate the requisite “fear for safety of self and others” needed to deploy deadly force.


Teenage girls on bicycles:


Weight vests.

Okay, not exactly the police.

A driver in Hamburg saw a suspicious man with a suspicious vest and called the police. They feared a suicide bomber and flooded the building with officers.

A spokesperson of the police said the jogger with a weight vest did not break any laws. (dafuq? why should anyone believe so?)


Oh, good, our madness is contagious. :frowning:


7-Year-Olds in Car Seats.


Books, apparently.







Depressed, pregnant women.


No civil decent! Plenty of unchallenged overtime when that shit happens, especially near Christmas or the holidays.


Graffiti drawings of multiple butt cheeks. Highly disturbing.


I’d become a cop just so could drive around in a Mercedes all day.

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List of Things That Frighten Police: 9/20/17

Blinking LEDs
Photography & Video Cameras
Black/Brown Adults and Children
Direct Eye Contact
Peaceful protests
Imaginary Black/Brown People
Rap Battles
Free Speech
Mail Carriers
Disabled People
Drawings of Penises
Two-Dollar Bills
Pregnant Women

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