Cop roughs up and arrests Utah nurse for not obeying his illegal order to draw blood from unconscious man


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It should be noted that none of the other L.E.O. on the scene did anything to stop this clearly illegal use of force and arrest. They were negligent in their sworn duty to serve and protect this citizen from this abuse of power. Even so, only on cop is being investigated .


“They called on police to rethink their treatment of hospital workers and said they had not ruled out legal action.”

Yes, hospital workers deserve better treatment than that. But so do civilians, concious or unconcious.



There is so much wrong in this incident, I don’t even know where to begin.


The worst part of the video is around the 9:15 min mark when the captain shows up and explains how she is obstructing justice and how informed consent is still a thing, it hasn’t been a thing since 2007. So not just one, but two cops who have no idea what they’re talking about and are just bullying this poor woman, who was in the right. Also, the nurse was a former olympic athlete: not relevant, but just kinda cool.


Clearly, this jackass is used to everyone doing exactly what he says. No other officer stood up to him, which is SOP for the cops these days. Protect and serve. Each other. That thin blue line just gets thicker every day.


Fortunately, Jeff Payne will get a paid vacation so he can relax and spend time with his family.


Wubbels, who was not criminally charged, played the footage at a news conference Thursday with her attorney. They called on police to rethink their treatment of hospital workers and said they had not ruled out legal action.

Weak. It sounds to me like the hospital administrators are already thoroughly intimidated.


Suspended from the blood draw unit. I’m sure this severe penalty will cause him to reevaluate his actions.


I sincerely hope the nurse stops thinking about taking legal action, and takes legal action. She was illegally detained, if not kidnapped, for not breaking the law. Ponder that one for a second.


Nope! He merely has been suspended from the “Blood Draw Unit”; he remains on active duty.


I think her chosen approach is far more productive, actually. Why? Because a lawsuit merely takes public funds from their budget; she’s essentially suing herself (and the rest of us). Public embarrassment and shame, on the other hand, is f*cking personal and lasting.


The patient had an advocate, the police arrested the advocate.

My understanding is the patient is the victim in an accident and a part time small town police officer. so this looks like a case of one officer advocate insisting the authorized healthcare worker advocate was doing it wrong. They’re both on team patient. One of them is very impatient.


I get so frustrated hearing about the “consequences” these officers face, like “suspension with pay”. I get that too, it is called “vacation time”.


Joseph Smith, What an Asshole!


Legal action when crimes have been committed doesn’t begin and end at civil lawsuits.

[edt] I’m full of the angry today and can no longer spell. Bah.


Agreed, this is criminal assault and battery, plus kidnapping.


I can’t remember who, but there’s some group out there that keeps telling people that ignorance of the law is never an excuse for breaking the law…who were those guys again?


True enough. Do you, however, expect anything at all in a US court from this? Really…? It might happen here, I guess, simply because it involves a white woman, but I still have strong doubts.

Wonderful, if so, but I think you have the thickest-possible set of rose-colored glasses perched on your nose. The very reason this crap continues, is that we as a society allow it to. The only thing that’s going to stop this type of thing is changing that; shame/opprobium tends to be more effective than legal proceedings, throughout history, although there certainly are exceptions.