Cops steal black woman banker's BMW, commit her when she asks for it back


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Hey - At least she wasn’t brutally murdered, amirite?


Important context for this story: NYPD makes a habit of checking in people who they can’t actually arrest. Hospitals apparently play along, perhaps because it’s billable.

Here’s a case where they committed an officer who filed an internal complaint against his superiors:


A bunch of doctors need to lose their license over this. They should know better to play along with police kidnapping shenanigans and committing medical billing fraud.


FTFY. Land of the free indeed.


It’s not that strange that one of us mere mortals could afford an older BMW. I have read that the 3 series is one of the best older car buys, and you can get them nicely loaded for well under 10k with (reasonably) low miles.

The cops should be praising her for making a shrewd car buying decision!


Seriously. It’s worth like 6 grand.
Pigs gotta be pigs.


This country needs a movement to abolish, not reform, the police.


This article refers to something that happened over a year ago, not within the last 6 weeks. You also might want to check out Snopes on this, which makes the incident seem a little bit more ambiguous.


What it needs is a higher standard. Public officials, elected officials, those in positions of trust or power need to be held to a higher standard. These days we are hovering just this side of “it’s my turn now” when those with the public trust get their hands in the til.
If this entire class of citizenry were not only held to account but enforced with significantly greater scrutiny and penalties- we might just stand a chance of being human to one another again.


No, all Snopes says is that they can’t independently verify her story (other than that the president does follow her, and 640,000 others, on Twitter). They confirm that there is a lawsuit, they can’t confirm the facts of the case. The court will presumably work that out.


To save some time, we could read the comments from when this was posted in March.


Gosh, turning into /. here.


I love a happy ending…



What, no one here yet to sternly tell us that pointing to racism is a distraction from “the real problem,” classism?


Paragraphs, all I’m saying is, paragraphs…


Just a bankist!


I hope she sues the shit out of them and wins.


BMW has gone down-market, too. New Beemers are kind of like the Lexus for people who think they have taste. And no, that’s not entirely a joke.


I don’t want to be an apologist but honestly, the presidency is not as powerful a position as you think. This isn’t a dictatorship.

Example: Because Davis was tried by the state of Georgia, Obama could not issue a pardon. Only the asshat Sonny Perdue could have done that.