Woman medicated in a psychiatric ward until she said Obama didn't follow her on Twitter


I have a feeling there is more to this “sensational” story.


She said she worked in a bank and is a black woman - of course the police locked her up for being crazy. /s
I have to wonder if this wasn’t a case of the police putting her in a psych ward as a punitive measure because she was making too much of a fuss about her car and it was pissing the cops off. It’s not like the NYPD haven’t done such things before (including to one of their own). They don’t even have to trump up any charges to get someone locked up for a week.


Margaret Cho follows me on twitter.


Well, technically she’s followed by Organizing for Action, but I guess that isn’t really the point.

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Possibly she get to subpoena the Pres.

Promoting an album, hard to say what really happened right? Sensational yet plausible.

So, you think someone is following you, all the time? Hmm…tell me more…how does that make you feel? :wink:

I wonder if the doctors she talked to are so out of touch that they don’t know what twitter is and just assumed she thought Obama was “following her”. :-/


Obama follows me on Twitter.

Reminds me of the great Star Trek TNG episode Chain Of Command http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_eSwq1ewsU

Medication Time…

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Yes, part of the report I read said that she was also to be held until she was able to “verbalize the importance of education to employment” and under her issues they’d listed “unemployment”. Regardless of the seeming non-sequiter of saying the President follows you on Twitter, I’d like to think that the cops are obligated to at least try to verify your stated employment.


Blindly taking sides without being properly informed is never good.

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This reminds me of the time my father had a heart attack and when I arrived at the hospital to see him the nurse took me aside before I got to him and told me he had been hallucinating that he was a lawyer and was “ranting and raving” about needing to call judges before they drugged him to “calm him down”. Thing is, my father was, in fact, a lawyer and at the time, he had a court date looming and if he didn’t do something about it his client would be left hanging. Luckily the hospital staff dropped it when I told them he wasn’t hallucinating, I shudder to think how that would have turned out if he hadn’t had family around to intervene before the narrative set in too deep. What a world.


Important context to this story:

The NYPD has habitually used involuntary detention in mental health centers as a ‘fuck you’ gesture to people they cannot arrest. Here’s a well reported account of them doing this to a fellow officer who had, coincidentally, accurately written up his superiors for abuse of power. The officer was held against his will for a week, and then billed for the stay.


You must have missed what @Boundegar said. He’s not blind. He understands the issue.


At that point it wasn’t the cops - it was the psych ward. The cops seem to have just said, “Here - crazy lady,” and the psych ward, operating within that assumption, took everything she said as delusional. (Well, the context set by the cops and also because she’s black, clearly.)


As diagnosed and on disability since 2001 for bi-polar with schizo-affective disorder, I have to say my experience with the public health system far better than the private, first off. These doctors, nurses, aids, etc. do not do it for the money, and have overflowing facilities that are hard to add to. They do the best job they can, and I believe she is not telling the whole truth.

Edit: for them to inject you with sedatives against your will, you pretty much have to be threatening the staff.

I’d like to also, but I had to go to court once and the dude in the DA’s office listed me as indigent. Just, you know, because it was less ink then the address I gave him. When he tried to move on to the next question i just stonewalled him until he fixed it.


Didn’t slow you down!