San Jose Police association leader busted in fentanyl scheme

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Always projection… always.


Okay, but who is she working for, because it seems pretty clear she knew she had to keep doing it or those people would come after her and her family.


Saw this twitter thread last night.
Has some other pretty wild info in it.


Funny that a Black guy going up for a long stretch of time for some weed never gets the same consideration?

But I guess a cop is just different and could never be doing something like this because they don’t give two shits about those they hurt, but only for the cash they make… It just MUST be because they were pressured into dealing…


Is it just me, or do police unions seem to be where departments stick the worst, most corrupt and bent people they don’t have the guts to kick off the force?


If you want to reign in police departments, do to the police unions what Reagan did to the flight controllers union.


Is she a cop?

These law enforcement “associations” seem to have a lot of issues, especially in San Jose - there were all sorts of criminal accusations around the local sheriff’s association some years ago, I recollect… they seem to consist of a bunch of grifters who make use of law enforcement contacts to avoid going to jail themselves. But I guess police “unions” tend to be corrupt in various ways everywhere.


Locally for me, the person in charge of the Chicago Police Union is quite possibly the worst person on the planet. He’s so bad that even the police admit he’s bad, but he’s surrounded himself with some apparently bulletproof plot armor somehow.


In addition to being the executive director of the San Jose Police Officers’ Association for almost 20 years, she has also worked for a company that provides police officer training for almost 20 years. She may not be a cop, but she is career law enforcement.


Gasp! The smuggling is coming from INSIDE!


No, that doesn’t seem clear at all. She probably continued her illegal drug trafficking after the interview by the feds because she thought she would never get charged. It was hubris, not desperation.


Yeah, I can see your point.

To be clear, I can think she’s disgusting and abusing her office while also still believing that there’s a whole pyramid of bad actors and she’s probably not at the top. I can believe both, and both can be true.

But yeah, maybe this whole thing is entirely her and she’s just got that much faith that she’s above the law. You could be right. (edit for spelling)


Yeah I don’t see any indication that she was working for anyone else, but who knows. If I were investigating this, I would damn sure be taking a really close look at the police training company she works for.


Hi. I’m from Minneapolis. To answer your question, no it is not just you.


Wow this is so messed up!!
I’ve had tons of friends die from this poison and this makes me so mad.
And she’s on paid leave!?!
How is the justice system just!?! It’s not!
If a regular person did this they would be waiting trial in jail and would definitely go to prison for the max amount of time!! She will probably flee the country.

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That’s why she’s only facing 21 years. She was in too deep. She went all in on her Breaking Bad fantasy, and now real lives are at stake. But it wasn’t her fault.

I occasionally receive calls from my local police officer “association”, asking for… you guessed it! Money! I put on a low tone and whisper to the caller that they… put… my… mom… in… prison. The caller usually just hangs up.

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And law abandonment.