Miami police union smears woman who posted video of cop beating handcuffed suspect in police cruiser


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I hope she sues.


So this guy has a little problem considering his history of complaints… No other profession in the country is so incompetent in cleaning-house of shitty employees.


Fucking scumbags


I am so tired of police unions. The majority of fired cops have been reinstated due to the aggressive persistence of the police unions. No union I have been a member of (AEA, AFSCME), would fight to reinstate a member with records of abuse. They should be a target of DOJ action.


Seems like the statements are all down to Ortiz, who sounds like a real thug, from all the various incidents mentioned in article. Strange that no one is talking about the photographs of him with armed young men. But obviously we have to blame the community (of cops) that glorifies violence for his behavior. They’re ultimately responsible (for electing him head of the Miami Fraternity Order of police).


…Facebook page, in which she is posed “with young men armed with handguns.”

Were they white? Because the Second Amendment is really…

Oh. They weren’t? Never mind.


Presumably she did not give copyright permission for her photographs to be used in this way? According to MAFFIA rulings she should be entitled to a bajillion dollars


Makes you wish that Karma were an actual thing that happens.


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