Seattle officer who arrested black man for carrying golf club as a cane fired for racial bias

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Dear police unions: I respect that you have to fight for your dues-paying members, but sometimes it makes you look like buffoons. This kind of petty rules lawyering makes the general public dislike you. Immensely.


Something resembling justice?


Now make this common enough that police can expect consequences for racist dereliction of duty, and we’ll see real progress!

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Unions good, police unions not so much.

“Hey, we stonewalled yer fucking investigation, so now you have to give in! Give this scummy, abusive racist piece of shit a firearm and set them loose with a badge! Now!”

Right-wing nutbars despise unions, except these. They say unions make it hard to fire workers that need firing… but police unions have mastered that sort of abuse of procedure, they’re light years ahead of protecting criminals compared to most any other org, union or otherwise.

Whitlatch should have seen time behind bars, still should. Though it might be a mistake to throw her into thar, she seems like she would thrive in prison.


About fucking time.

Agree. I guess they are circling their (paddy) wagons.

Wait, “Combative Approach” is a fireable infraction? I thought that was a commendation…

hopefully her firing wasn’t greased by the fact that she’s a woman. Not that she shouldn’t be fired, and that this isn’t a long-awaited and welcome nod to justice, but I wonder if the blue line wouldn’t have been a tad thicker is she was sporting a Y chromosome…

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