Police Get Out of Jail cards are just the tip of the iceberg: no perp gets a sweeter deal than a cop

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Serve and protect*

*Police only


Thank you for taking on this topic, please continue. My town has a culture of racist, sexist police misconduct so terrible that the police force was put under supervision by a judge. Nonetheless they continue to get away with it. Most recently a young officer committed suicide rather than rat out his supervisors over sex trafficking crimes they knew he was involved in. Guess who just got promoted!


Notice the expectation by this drunk POS that he can talk his way out of arrest. https://boingboing.net/2016/12/23/video-shows-drunken-driving-ar.html

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Whether special treatment is institutionalized of just part of the culture, that’s the way it is with many ‘power groups’ (e.g., Congress; college/university administration; unions; etc.)


Wait, I thought unions were great! /s

Seriously, municipal unions suck. Nothing like collectively bargaining against someone actively courting your favor so he or she can remain in office. And one who is playing with taxpayer-supplied Monopoly money rather than corporate revenues, to boot. Yeesh.

PS: Private industry unions are great, and America needs more of them. Especially for those white-collar “information worker” types that look down their noses in disdain at them.

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Judge Dredd is somewhat of an inappropriate image because in its world corrupt judges received life sentences of hard labour in the mines of an off-world penal colony. Even the dark satire of a fascist police state knew that you couldn’t give absolute power to a police force without demanding absolute responsibility.


Bad unions tar all unions; cop unions are probably the most responsible for the way other unions everywhere in this country have lost the clout to protect workers.


Police unions certainly provide a useful weapon for the bosses to use in discrediting and dividing the union movement. Much of the left do not accept police associations as legitimate unions; the DSA recently expelled a senior organiser (Fetonte) because they discovered he’d worked with police in the past.

OTOH: do y’all really think that American cops would be any less violently racist if they weren’t unionised? The cops are the tools of capital; they do what their masters tell them to.


[I]f you demanded that cops treat garden-variety suspects this way, they’d crucify you with claims that this would allow criminals to get away clean and reoffend

Even if true, I nevertheless maintain that that would be a better world to live in than this one. The tactics police are allowed to use in interrogations and investigations are quite capable of convicting pretty much anyone of a serious crime, or at least making a plea deal look pretty attractive.

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After reading the linked article, and the source it in turn links to, I’m fairly sure these privileges apply in disciplinary investigations, not criminal ones.

(Which still sucks. But it would suck a lot worse if they did apply in criminal investigations.)

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