Boston Police Union throws a tantrum over Black Lives Matter at school week

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Quote >>Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association disagreed, and sent a letter to BTU President Jessica Tang condoning the events<< Endquote
condemning ?


This is what I always think of when I think about racism in Boston.


This is some Trump level bullshit.

“BLM highlighting the negative shit cops do makes cops look bad!”


I wonder what’s happened since 2017?

Boston newspaper columnists have called for changes to the name of Yawkey Way for years, especially as black baseball players have continued to face racial taunts from fans inside Fenway. The street’s name, columnist Ron Chimelis wrote in 2014, “stands as a big, ugly blotch on the multi-colored complexion of the modern Red Sox.”


Police Union throws tantrum. Must be a day ending in Y.


Dear Police Union,

If you don’t want to be perceived as a racist organization that kills innocent people, fix it from the inside rather than blaming the people who rightly call you out on it.


F-ing cops!

Crime is down everywhere as stats produced by the FBI and other Federal watchdogs show.

Yet, cops can’t stop whining. There budgets grow, the wrest total immunity clauses from their (local) political lackeys and enjoy the in-flux of military-grade munitions often gifted via back-channel from active-duty or guard units.

Its appalling.

It’s a behavior that is - save a minor detail or two - indistinct from the excesses of China’s revolutionary guard during the post-revolutionary period of cultural reform campaigns (e.g.: 100 Flowers, Cultural Revolution, …) when even in victory the Maoists sought to root out “counter-revolutionaries” anywhere and everywhere within the country. The fanatical zeal of Mao’s cultural guard was no greater in its blindness nor virulence than is that of today’s law enforcers - from local constabulary to secretive Federal bureaus.


It’s even worse than that, as apparently the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association was created to defend cops against brutality accusations being made by civil rights organizations. And they have a history of saying racist shit. In print:


do the Boston PD all have the “blue lives matter” flag on their cars, too? too many of the cop cars i see around SoCal seem to. not LAPD, though, oddly enough.


In other words: true.

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Very well-written article; many kudos to Thom for keeping up the intellectual rigor I expect at BoingBoing. Thanks for going above and beyond to make this issue clearer to those who might still be ambivalent about BLM’s contribution to community discussions about police.

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“The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association disagreed, and sent a letter to BTU President Jessica Tang condoning the events.”

I think you mean “condemning”?

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The police have been most certainly a de facto protection racket for “real white people.”

They sure do.

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